UPDATE - Mets Slot Money


Pick  Player            Slot          Actual        Savings

020   Peterson      $2,994,500     
059   Vientos       $1,094,700     $1,500,000     ($405,300)
097   Brodey          $553,200       $500,000       $53,200
127   Dibrell         $413,100       $380,000       $33,100
157   Winaker         $307,800       $280,000       $27,800
187   Renteria        $237,600       $125,000      $112,600
217   O'Neil          $186,200        $10,000      $176,200
247   Cobb            $153,400        $20,000      $133,400
277   Chadwick        $139,700        $10,000      $129,700
307   Villines        $132,300        $10,000      $122,300

Total:              $6,212,500     $2,835,000      $383,000


Thomas Brennan said...

Sign the big picks with saved $$ - make it snappy

Eddie Corona said...

Exactly and what is the delay with Peterson

Charles said...

Peterson may be holding out for a few bucks. A smart agent would've waited to see how much they had left in their pool and tried to squeak out an extra piece of pie.

Also, I think Oregon was in the playoffs and maybe Peterson didn't want to negotiate until that was over.

I was looking at what the Mets have left if they do sign him for Slot, which is the 380,000+ figure Mack put at the bottom, and that may get the Mets one more decent player. Theyve already signed a few good young prep arms for slot, which is surprising. If I'm a young pitcher with a 90+ fastball and a college that will put me on the mound, I'm going.

Who knows? These later round pitchers the Mets have grab the last few years for a couple hundred grand have been fruitful. Gsellman is the upside here.

Anyone know why Sixto Torres was released? I saw he's in the Royals system now.

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