UPDATE: SIGNED - Mets Draft - Round 13 - RHP - Nate Peden,


@NathanRode - #Mets 13th-rounder Nate Peden has a projectable frame. Clean, easy arm action. Very athletic and up to 91. 


Thomas Brennan said...

Assume he is a high schooler. Looks good. Sign him.

Thomas Brennan said...

Looked over the entire list of 40. 27 pitchers (70%), 13 position players. That seems awfully odd, since half of a normal roster is comprised of hitters

Adam Smith said...

I too was surprised at the sheer number of pitchers. Also noted that of the position players, I think that 3 (?) of them were 1B? I noticed just 1 SS, and zero natural CF? What is it with this club's aversion to actual athletes.

Thomas Brennan said...

Adam, it is puzzling as to the paucity of position players drafted, unless they are keeping a wide berth for Tim Tebow :)

At this rate, Tebow will be starting in Queens before Amed Rosario.

You can't draft an Aaron Judge if you don't draft hitters.

Thomas Brennan said...

Adam, even more puzzling when one looks at all the pitchers drafted: read my article tomorrow on the Mets minors pre-draft Starting Picher Pipeline, which I consider well stocked. A number of strong relievers already in the system (including the resurgent Luis Mateo) - all of which makes drafting so few position players doubly puzzling to me.

Charles said...

Thomas, you just can't have enough pitching. Even after TJS, Harvey came back great and all was well in the world. Now? He's not himself anymore. Likely finished as a SP1. He may end up an innings eater in Tampa Bay next year.

Drafting arms is always a great philosophy. You can never have enough and even if you think you do, the game quickly pulls the carpet out from under you. If for some reason you fall out of contention, you can trade a stud pitcher that's about to get expensive and get yourself a Gleyber Torres like the Yankees did with their hotshot reliever last year. That can happen if you have a system full of arms.

The Mets don't go to the World Series in 2015 without that great rotation and stud prospect named Michael Fulmer in AA.

Having arms is always a good thing.

Thomas Brennan said...

Charles, what you say is true - a team succeeds when it has an abundance of good pitching. I my opinion, in the minors, we already do - just not in Vegas. Please see my 8 AM article tomorrow morning on the Mets current Pitching Pipeline of Starters. See what you think.

What is also true is, at times, you can not have enough hitting. The Mets currently do have decent hitting - but not much of a pipeline in the minors. And with this year's draft, it is hard to see how that changes.

Thomas Brennan said...

Sign them all! Welcome aboard, Nate.

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