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There are reports floating around that the Mets will not be offering up the services of Dominic Smith, Michael Conforto, and Noah Syndergaard to other teams.

That’s fine with me and fits into the image of trying to look at least relevant during my called for rebuild from the bottom up.
Look, we’ve discussed a number of times the excellent (IMO) job that ‘The Boys From Boston’ have done in the last domestic draft as well as internationally.

By my count, we now have six red prospects between Kingsport to Extended Camp (SPs Josh Wolf and Matt Allen, C Francisco Alvarez, 3B Brett Baty, and outfielders Freddy Valdez and Alexander Ramirez) and 31 blue prospects.

Players like pitchers Zack Wheeler and Jason Vargas can help add to this total, either through actual players or International money that can help snag the top guppies in next year’s draft across the pound.

Folks. You can bitch all you want on Twitter.

My plan is working.

Friday, July 12th

      AAA-Syracuse released OF, Matt Kemp.

AAA-Syracuse LHP, Ryan O’Rourke, was activated from the temporary IL

AAA-Syracuse RHP, Chris Mazza, was promoted to the MLB-Mets

AAA-Syracuse RHP, Arquimedes Caminero, was release.

AAA-Syracuse LHSP, Anthony Kay, activated from the temp. IL list

MLB-Mets designate for assignment P, Wilmer Font

Kudos –

      AAA Syracuse SP, Anthony Kay: 5.2-IP, 1-ER, 3-K

AA-Binghamton CL, Blake Taylor: 2-IP, 0-R, 2-K, SV-1, 1.72

      A-Columbia DH, Mark Vientos: 3-5, R, 8th HR, 2-RBI

      Low-A Brooklyn SP Mitch Ragan: 4-IP, 1-ER, K, 1.32

Rookie-GCL P, Jhonfran Escalona: 5-iP, 1-ER, 2-K, 0.66

      DSL-1 RP, Joon Felix: 2-IP, 0-R, 3-K, 1.17

      DSL-2 SP, David Marcano: 4.2-IP, 0-R, 4-K, 0.71

Saturday, July 13th

     No transactions.

           Kudos –

           AAA-Syracuse – SP, Walter Lockett: 5.1-IP, ER, 4-K

           AA-Binghamton – CF, Braxton Lee: 4-5, R,

           A+ St. Lucie – SP, Tony Dibrell: 6-IP, 0-R, 4-K

           Low-A Brooklyn – CF, Ranfy Adon: 4-4, HR, R, 2-RBI

           Rookie-Kingsport – 2B, Greg Guerrero: 3-4, 2-R, HR

           GCL – DH, Warren Saunders: 2-4, R, 2-RBI, .440

Sunday, July 14th

     No transactions

           Kudos –

AAA-Syracuse – RP, Stephen Nogosek: 2-IP, 0-R, 2-K, 0.00

           AA-Binghamton – RP, Joseph Zanghi: 2-IP, 0-R, K, 1.56

           A+ St. Lucie – 2B, Carlos Cortes: 2-5, R, RBI

           A – Columbia SP, Daison Acosta: 6-IP, 0-R, 9-K

           Low-A Brooklyn – CF, Jake Magnum: 2-4, R

PC - Ed Delany

Rookie – Kingsport – C, 17/yr. old Francisco Alvarez: 2-3, .346

Wow. Just wow. Do we push the envelope and promoted him to Brooklyn or do we leave him here for the rest of the season?

I say promote the blue prospect that DHers now (Andres Regnault - .293) and let Franny develop at this level.
This is huge talent that shouldn’t be rushed.


Reese Kaplan said...

How is Alvarez' defense side of the game?

Tom Brennan said...

How nice if Alvarez would turn into a big star. We...need...BIG...stars.

Who pitches when Zack Wheeler and Jason Vargas go? Maybe Kay, but it could be ugly short term. May I suggest...JD Davis? Stretch him out!

Boy, speaking of reds and blues, two hot prospects for you:

One who might just be reverting from blue to red - Mets' # 5 guy Sherveyn Newton is 18 for 42 over his last 10 games, somehow - incredibly despite 17 of his 24 outs being by strikeout - my guess is, because of that continuing high K rate, leave him blue.

And catcher Hayden Senger - has hit in 18 of his last 20 games for Columbia, 32 for his last 71 (an amazing .451)...that seems to warrant a blue rating to me. Hitting .279 now, after being at just .185 on June 16.

Another guy trying to get back to blue: Greg Guerrero, with 6 hits and 3 walks in last 4 games.

Kay, Dibrell, and Daison Acosta are pitching strong.

Dibs should be promoted to AA, IMO. A few bad 2019 starts, otherwise, stellar.

And Blake Taylor could be in the Mets pen soon if he keeps up his recent excellence (well, not so recent - 7 weeks of excellence).

Tom Brennan said...

Reese, Alvarez has caught just 9 games - 3 for 9 steals, 0 errors, 4 PBs. So far, not bad - but he is hitting .404 in 15 games!

Tom Brennan said...

One item of interest:

Highly regarded high schooler was drafted in the 11th round in 2016, and then managed to pitch a total of LESS THAN ONE INNING in 2016, 2017, and 2018. However...

Now 21, he finally got into a game for Kingsport on Saturday, and it was a perfect inning.

I found this video of him on You Tube, in extended spring training, and while it is hard to tell, to me he looked quite good.


Let's hope he stays healthy, gets some innings in, and gets ready for full season ball in 2020.

Mack Ade said...


All I know is he has a gun for an arm.

Robb said...

mlb pipeline:

He's a below-average runner, but also isn't a base-clogger. Alvarez's defensive game is behind his bat, but club officials have zero doubt that he can stay behind the plate long term. He has a strong arm and some solid actions behind the plate, but he'll have to improve his overall receiving.

That Alvarez has a thicker build and is already very strong for his age does lead to some concerns about his body, and he likely will have to watch his conditioning. The Mets don't believe that will be an issue, though, as Alvarez earns high marks for his willingness to learn and make adjustments. They will be extremely patient with their young backstop, giving him all the time he needs to develop and achieve his upside of an above-average big league catcher.

I am not holding out much from the trades, the mets are very week in High A and double AA at the moment. Bc 2 top prospects should be there were traded away. It takes a minute to refresh a farm system that was already in need of restocking after trying to push for the playoffs for 3+ years. A top ten pick in 2020 will go a long way towards that, but near term i wouldnt expect much except for Kay to make an impact.

Viper said...

And Wheeler goes to the 10 day IL. This team is cursed.

Met Monkey said...

Viper, there is powerful voodoo afoot. I just dropped by '86 mug of beer.

Met monkey said...

Sorry Mack for drunk-blogging, but I feel compelled to repeat what an X from across the pond once said: "Why complain Mets this, Mets that? The Mets ledger out as a quite fine organization. Simply, their bailiwick might be cricket-or trucking, or computers. Why be so hung up with this baseball?"

Tom Brennan said...

8 hits and 4 walks for Greg Guerrero in last 5 games. Maybe he is a Guerrero after all!

Anonymous said...

It's possible that Wheeler is not made a contract extension anytime soon, and that the Mets could find a suitor for Ramos, Frasier, and either Dominic Smith or (sit down fan faithfuls) Michael Conforto. Why one of the last two players although both are pretty good? Because the Mets already have JD Davis, Jeff McNeil, Michael Conforto, and Dominic Smith for the outfield. How many do you need? They might be able to get back something that the team needs even more of. Like younger players, maybe young pitchers that are good starting or for the bullpen.

Who enters the games in their places?

P Corey Oswalt or Anthony Kay C Ali Sanchez/Tomas Nido 3B JD Davis RF Jeff McNeil (already there really), new CF maybe with Raja Davis backing up. Raje is older but he has not yet really lost a step.

Anonymous said...

When season after season a team steps up their respective games only when the proverbial debris is about to hit the fan (so to speak) it does worry me some. I have to admit that.

Consistency is not a four letter word.

Anonymous said...

Question #2 is this one: "Do the Mets try to add in the pieces (for the twentieth time) to make what they have here now player personnel wise competitive for the 2019 Wild Card Rodeo or do they play this hand for 2020 and beyond by getting back key pieces and not just Reese's pieces that melt in your hands?

It's time for a change I think, so I might go with key younger pieces to add to the key younger pieces already here. Like Triston Mckenzie type pitchers and players who could make a huge impact soon.

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