The worst trade in history, some say.  Mets GM and owners battered over it.

"We get some old, broken down guy, and give up 2 prospect GEMS!!!  ARRGHH!!!"

"That trade was a real turkey."


Cano has heated up - maybe he is not as washed up as he's looked.

Diaz saved 3 straight games through Wednesday.

And those prospects:

Jarred Kelenic in 30 High A games? .250/.325/.444.  Good for a 20 year old, but not great.

Justin Dunn? 23 years old, in AA, which is far from MLB caliber: 16 starts, a fairly decent 3.76 ERA, 1.25 WHIP.

Both prospects may become star major league players - but perhaps both may not.

Would I un-do the trade if I could?  Darn right.

But the worst trade in history?  Perhaps not.


Reese Kaplan said...

If it was just the prospects for Cano and Diaz then perhaps people wouldn't be so up in arms about it. However, there's a big salary piece that goes along with it. Yes, we shed the salaries of Jay Bruce and Anthony Swarzak but took on the inflated Cano deal (even with a few shekels thrown in by Seattle).

For pure worst-trade stuff, you've got a long way to go to top Ryan for Fregosi.

Rob said...

Funny story about the Ryan for Fregosi trade. In Whitey Herzog's book "White Rat", Whitey was in charge of the Met's minor league back then, Whitey was called in the middle of the night by the Met's GM and asked of Leroy Stanton phone number. Whitey asked what was going on, and he was told that we just traded him for Fregosi. Whitey told the GM that it was a bad trade, that he had seen him play earlier that year and Fregosi looked like he was done. The GM told him to just give him the number. Whitey said it wasn't until the next day that he say that Nolan Ryan was included in that trade.

Tom Brennan said...

Rob, insane stuff.

John From Albany said...

If only they had hired Whitey as the GM instead of Bob Scheffing.

Tom Brennan said...

Ha Ha.

Tom Brennan said...

Meanwhile, Ruben Tejada has 3 more hits yesterday, and most likely is a better player than Cano now.

John From Albany said...

Maybe we can offer a yeam Tejada if they take Cano off our hands.

Tom Brennan said...

That might just work LOL.

Tony said...

The Cano trade was not the worst, because Diaz is only 24 and maybe he can duplicate his 57 save performance from last year next year, you have to give up a haul to acquire an RP with that kind of stats and remember that Seattle gave the Mets 20 million to help pay for Cano's contract, also the performance of the prospects that the Mets gave to Seattle has really not been that impressive thus far, Dunn was only rated the 91st prospect when he was dealt and Bautista currently has a 10.29 ERA

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