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The Mets made it official Tuesday night and non-tendered Eric Young Jr. The only surprise here would have been if they didn't do this.

The Mets will now continue their search for a 4th outfielder to not only back up the starters (Michael Cuddyer, Juan Lagares, Curtis Granderson), but also play right field when the Mets decide to sit Lucas Duda against selective left hand pitchers and move Cuddyer to first base.

Many Mets fans, including the one's reading this, what this role to go to Cesar Puello, which would leave Kirk Nieuwenhuis, Eric Campbell, and Matt den Dekker to fight it out for the fifth spot in the outfield.

Many of the beat reporters say the Mets will fill this role by signing someone from outside the organization. The chief name being thrown around has been Jonny Gomes.

And lastly, Adam Rubin said that one of the sub-OF roles is basically a lock for Nieuwenhuis because he is out of options.

The important thing is progress continues to be made in the outfield.  In my book, the trio of Cuddyer, Lagares, and Granderson, has a far deeper ring than Hairston, Torres, and Bay...

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Dan-Chat –

Comment From MetsFaithful5 - Was Jacob deGrom real for last year? What is he going forward? Also, what range for wins are the mets currently in? Thanks
Dan Szymborski: He’s going to be good, but I’m not sure he maintains *that* level.
Mack – The bigger question might be can deGrom repeat and can Harvey return at his level before he went down with his arm injury. I don’t see a problem in each case. In fact, I see the two of them + Wheeler going under 3.50-ERA for the entire season. Maybe even better than that.
My questions are whether the team run production will be larger than what the SP4-5 put up for the entire season and if the combination of Black, Mejia, Familia, and Parnell can shut down innings 7-9.

The Chicago White Sox non-tendered LHRP Scott Snodgress. The 6-5 lefty is only 24-years old and was converted to the pen only last year. Before that he started in AA in 2014 (6-7, 3.89, 122.2-IP, 79-K, 52-BB). Snodgress had only four relief appearances for Chicago in 2014, giving up seven runs in 2.1 innings (15.43).

Sully-Chat -

Comment From john - what would a hypothetical Daniel Murphy to the jays get?
Jeff Sullivan: Low- to mid-level prospect or two. Not saying it’s completely correct but Devon Travis is projected by Steamer to hit just as well as Murphy, and Murphy has one year of control remaining and it isn’t particularly cheap

Mack – Boy, you would think leading the National League in doubles would be worth more than this. I guess we just need to sit back and watch the transition happen to Dilson Herrera at some point in the future.


Thomas Brennan said...

Morning, Mack.

We can prognosticate on Puello, kirk and Dekker, and options or lack thereof, but i think Spring Training performance will ultimately tell which of the 3 stays or is farmed out.

Anonymous said...

I think Campbell makes the team as the corner infield back up, but can step into the OF if necessary and RH pinch hit. Since MC is taking up a spot in the OF, but filling in at first, there is room for one more backup infielder. I think it comes down to two spots for Kirk, Cesar and MDD. In the end, I think Kirk and Cesar get the start of the season because MDD has one more option, where the other two don't, so there is no immediate need to DFA anyone. Kirk is a versatile defender, has some speed to go along with pop, but it has always been his K bugaboo that has held him back. I think he is a better bat off the bench than MDD and Cesar is RH, so profiles better. If MDD goes back to Vegas and rakes, he will either be a solid piece for the Mets or a starting CF for another team. We are talking about the final two spots on the roster, so I would prefer to take early chances on internal solutions and keep all of them for at least April and May
Anon Joe F

Mack Ade said...

Morning Tom and Joe

Lew Rhodes said...

I don't see anyway MDD doesn't make the team - he is far superior to Kirk in every way - much better defender (he is near Lagers level) better hitter and much better base runner.

Next year is about winning - the best players make the roster - not go to AAA because of options - besides with Nimmo ready for AAA, there is no need to keep Kirk in the system - as muh as I have been a fan, he is 4/5 OFer at best, and MDD could be a legitimate starting caliber OFer

Hobie said...

INF—really thought Reuben would be NT’d, but he is actually a pretty good back-up choice for a contending team. I just don’t want Wilmer looking over his shoulder on every ground ball & AB or have Terry declare 2-3 days a week “Tejada Days.” My choice for MINF UT would have been TJ—just as effective as Reuben without the threat—but that’s evidently not to be. Maybe it was acknowledgment of TJ’s Rule 5 exposure that prompted the tender offer? Dumb reason, IMO, if so.

OF—Said this before but Cuddyer is your RH corner IF/OF not Campbell. He should share LF with Granderson as well as occasional starts elsewhere. Den Dekker & Cesar P should initially share RF. If either flop, more time for Cuddyer. An OF with den D/Puello in RF is better than just the obvious substitution (Lagares can cheat to LF). And the bench is stronger with a vet ph available. The last slot is either Campbell or Kirk, and Campbell has options.

Yeah, I know, you “play who you pay.” But you’re paying the same no matter what the line-up, so why not one with the greatest chance for a W?

Mack Ade said...

Lew -

I agree on Captain Kirk.

I forgot how long he's been playing for the parent team.

I believe he has been given ample time to develop and the team needs to move on

Mack Ade said...

Hobie -

I have been pretty consistent about my approval and desire for Tejada to become the utility infielder for both middle infield positions

Reese Kaplan said...

I would sooner see them sign Everth Cabrera as their backup/insurance policy should Flores not flourish at SS. The man can fulfill the middle infield duties and pinch run on par with the now departed Eric Young, Jr.

Remind me again what Tejada does well? I keep forgetting.

Lew Rhodes said...

I second Mack - to me Tejada is a great back-up MI - much better than most teams would have.

If Rivera survives the Rule 5, he needs to be in Vegas playing a different position everyday

Kevin S said...

Compare Tejada's career numbers against Everth Cabrera. They have played nearly identical games and have almost identical career stats with the only real exception being Cabrera with 136 SBs vs Tejada's 14.

I think Cabrera has more offensive upside and he does bring an element of speed that this team doesn't have with EYJ.

I think Tejada plays a decent defense and he's shown he can draw a walk out of the 8 hole but that's pretty much it.

Reese Kaplan said...

So what you're saying is he can get on base via the walk and then clog the bases once he gets there :)

That's my point. Tejada is at BEST a league average player but more likely a tick below defensively, offensively and as a baserunner. Cabrera brings EY's speed and can back up the MI position.

Lew Rhodes said...

Cabrera may have talent - but I pass due to his character. The Biogenesis I can over look - but not everything:

Cabrera, an All-Star shortstop in 2013, faces charges of resisting arrest and possession of marijuana in a car after he was stopped by authorities in eastern San Diego County on Sept. 3, while he was on the disabled list. He is scheduled to be arraigned Dec. 8.

He was suspended by Major League Baseball for the final 50 games of the 2013 season for violating the sport's drug agreement in relation to its investigation of the Biogenesis of America drug clinic.

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