Mack’s Morning Report – 5-4-15 – Gabriel Ynoa, Gavin Cecchini, Amed Rosario, Wuilmer Beccera


Good morning.

We talk every morning about the great young starters this team has, including Zack Wheeler, who is still currently healing from TJS and Logan Verrett, who was the first pitcher in the history of organized ball to go 2-0 as a reliever and also put up the kind of numbers he has generated as an emergency starter.

I have to throw another name at you at this point.

Gabriel Ynoa.

This kid just hasn’t had a bad year:
          2012 – Brooklyn: 5-2, 2.23/0.93, 13-starts
          2013 – Savannah:  15-4, 2.72/1.02, 22-starts
          2014 – St. Lucie:  8-2, 3.95/1.32, 14-starts
          2015 – Binghamton:  9-9, 3.90/1.23, 24-starts

Now, in 2016, Ynoa threw his fifth start this season for AAA-Ls Vegas and we all know how much pitchers are eaten up in that PCL league, right? Well, he’s 2-0, 2.05/1.04 through Monday night.

Ynoa is only 22-years old

Eric H @TeamFirstEric  - @JohnMackinAde hope all is well with you.  DO you know why Becerra is DH and not playing in the field???? Thanks for any help  
Adam MacDonald - He’s been dealing with a sore throwing shoulder since spring training so that’s why he’s been strictly DH. They’re building him arm back up so he can get back to RF.

Josh Edgin’s velocity continues to be an issue during his rehab… Monday’s speeds ranged in the 86-87 range. I don’t see this enough to get him a slot in Queens so I expect the Mets to stretch out his rehabbing as long as the rules allow. Edgin also has options.

 Rotographs on Mets prospects -

2016 Sleeper: Gavin Cecchini, SS: The brother of Garin Cecchini, Gavin has turned himself into a nifty little prospect, although he’ll never be a huge impact guy. The middle infielder is a solid defender and could play either shortstop or second base in the majors for the Mets. At the plate, he projects to hit for a decent average and his done an excellent job tightening up his approach and currently has more walks than strikeouts in triple-A (12-11 BB-K). He’ll never hit for much pop or steal a ton of bases so his offensive value is mostly tied to his ability to get on base.

Mack – Boy, isn’t it great when they describe one of your first round picks as someone that will never be a ‘huge impact guy’. I’m not going to go back and keep wining about who should have been picked with this pick. The good news here is the guy we’re going to talk about next will be a year behind him and should take over shortstop for a long, long time.

2017 Stud: Amed Rosario, SS: OK so the 2017 might be a bit of a stretch but I truly believe Rosario is advanced enough to be ready before the middle of next year if the club can find a place to play him defensively. I’ve been ranking him more aggressively than most for the last three years or so and he broke out in ’15. His success has continued in high-A ball this season. He has a ,300 average and is showing increasingly more pop. He could be a 15-15 (HR-SB) down the road.

Mack – I’m going to project him a little more conservatively. Right now, I don’t see any reason to plan on moving Astrubel Cabrera off of short during the 2017 season. Therefore, Rosario automatically becomes a September call-up that season and should take over the starting slot in 2018.

Long-term Investment: Wuilmer Becerra, OF: The R.A. Dickey trade with Toronto could get a lot more ugly for the Blue Jays even as Travis d’Arnaud loses some of his shine as a potential impact catcher. Becerra has overcome an ugly hit-by-pitch to his face in the low minors to develop into a strong offensive player. Currently in high-A ball he’s hitting more than .370 after breaking out in low-A ball in ’15. He hasn’t hit for a ton of power yet but he projects to hit 15-20 homers in the future. Investments in the draft and the international market have given the Mets an embarrassment of riches in the lower minors.

Mack – We talked a few years ago about Becerra possibly being the hidden gem in this deal. Sandy Alderson would not have consummated this trade without this guy and everyone is starting to realize why.

2018 looks like an electric year with Rosario and Dilson Herrera projected for the infield and Becerra and Michael Conforto as corner outfielders.


Anonymous said...

Morning Mack

don't forget about Dom Smith for 2018 either
or possibly Sept call up with Rosario in 2017.

Anonymous said...

Ynoa strikes me as very fringy, particularly when you take a deeper look at his stats than W-L, ERA, WHIP.

He's always given up a lot of hits. A lot. And his low K-rates are problematic. A word on strikeouts: There are studies that have demonstrated that K-rates are predictive, and that it is extremely rare for a MLB pitcher for have sustained success without at least a rate of 6.0 (that's top of my head, honestly). Really, you can go through MLB history and you are not going to find many success stories of guys who continually allow teams to put the ball in play. I mean to say that it's not a love of strikeouts, per say. But that it indicates quality of stuff, and sustainability of success. We are all high on the current Mets rotation for a reason.

On the plus side, Ynoa does not walk batters. I'm not optimistic about him, though at 22 there's room for improvement. He may not have had a bad season yet, but I don't think 2014 or 2015 were particularly good.

Respectfully, Mack, as always,

James Preller

Thomas Brennan said...
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Thomas Brennan said...

Supposedly, Ynoa has decent velocity, so his low K rate is puzzling.

Gavin Cecchini alert...last 6 games, he is 13 for 22, 2 walks. Not bad for a low impact guy.

Mr Dilson woke up last night, with 2 homers, a triple and single. T J Rivera the production machine had 2 hits and 2 walks.

Dom Smith had his 3rd homer and now has 96 RBIs in his last 123 minor league regular season games. Only turns 21 in mid-June. I am impressed, aren't you, Ernest?

Mets manage 1 hit, while Vegas and Bingo combine for 28 runs...it can be a funny game.

Ernest Dove said...

Dom Smith is the next starting 1B for mets
We know this ;)

Im planning to continue my weekly prospect posts maybe guillorme this friday and Becerra nect week.

Becerra has 'grown man strenght'........

Ynoa is a winning machine. Who knows. Besides we're not asking him to be anything but perhaps a potential SP5.

Bob Sugar said...

Agreed. Dom Smith is on a tear now in AA and second in RBI's in the league. And I believe he is only 20 years old? His power is starting to come and defensively ilhebis major league ready. He hits to all fields so you can't put the shift on for him. He won't hit as many Hr's as Duda but Smith will be an overall big upgrade in 2017/2018

Thomas Brennan said...

Ernest, Guillorme's 1000+ at bats without a triple or homer are a concern.

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