The Mets have traded SP Gabriel Ynoa to the Baltimore Orioles for... cash.


Mack Ade said...

So, as of right now, I show the Mets having the following starters -

Queens - Syndergaard, deGrom, Harvey, Matz, Gsellman, Wheeler

AAA - Lugo, Montero, Gilmartin, Pill, Adam Wilk

AA - Flexen, Knapp, Crismatt, Scarlyn Reyes, Mickey Jannis (not sure he is still a Met), Casey Delgado, Josh Prevost

Reese Kaplan said...

This deal was likely done to open up the 40-man roster spot for Fernando Salas.

bob gregory said...

I thought Ynoa would have more value to the Mets than what was gained in this trade.

Thomas Brennan said...

I guess it shows what his projected high end is (not)

Hopefully, for more than a bag of chips

Mack Ade said...

fair trade vs. TPP ?

Richard Jones said...

I don't like the move. I think they could have gotten a lower level prospect with some upside. I thought Ynoa was #8 on the depth chart. I hope the Mets never get to the #8 guy but half the teams in MLB need 8 last year.

Hobie said...

"Cash Considerations?" Is that code for additional International Signing allowance at Orioles' expense?

Richard Jones said...

How is that? Teams are restricted to how much they can spend. Not how much money they have. In the baseball world the Mets got very little for him. They would be able to sign me for that much but not much better.

Zozo said...

Very bad deal. Couldn't they just hold off a little longer til they come up with a decision on Familias Suspension? Not happy with this move

Hobie said...

Richard J-
I'm pretty sure teams can trade "Pool Money" for the International Signing Period as of the 2017-18 IFA season.

Richard Jones said...

I didn't know that.
Thank you.

Thomas Brennan said...

Maybe they had more confidence in Conlon, Montero, or McGowan than Ynoa if needed? All I know is Ynoa seemed like a borderline number 5 to me.

Christopher Soto said...

Yea....Ynoa was surplus to requirements . If he was going to see any time in 2017 it would be because 3 of our vore sps got hurt + one of Gsellman, Lugo, or Gilmartin.

Ynoa doesnt miss bats.....and if you cant miss bats and dont have a high class sinker......your not going to make it in the MLB

Christopher Soto said...

Cash considerations can also mean an international bonus signing slot which Sandy is known for acquiring.

Christopher Soto said...

I'm almost certain now that Gabriel Ynoa was trading for an international signing slot....

Sources are now saying that the Mets are targeting 18 yr old Cuban left-hander Osvaldo Hernandez.

Not much is out there about him but reportedly he already has a fastball that sits between 92-94mph.

Christopher Soto said...

To be noted.....

To date....the mets have spent approximately $1,730,000 of their $2,138,200 pool for the 2016-2017 signing period with a few guys unaccounted for. So they are pretty tapped out.

Sebastian Espino, ss, Dominican Republic, $300,000.
Ezequiel Pena, of, Dominican Republic, $210,000.
Jose Peroza, 3b, Venezuela, ???
Luis Santana, 2b/cf, Dominican Republic, $200,000.
Jean Carlos Soto, of, Dominican Republic, $150,000.
Moises Gonzalez, of, Venezuela, ???
Daison Acosta, rhp, Dominican Republic, $70,000
Luis Santana, ss, Dominican Republic, $200,000
Wilmy Valdez, 1b, Dominican Republic, ???
Wilfred Astudillo, c, Venezuela, ???
Joel Reyes, of, Dominican Republic, $600,000

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