Mr. Shea Stadium - Tickets Behind Home Plate For Sale


Our friend Cornell, over at Mr. Shea Stadium, passes on... 

Many of you last year jumped at the opportunity to buy these so we are giving you the chance to do so again this year!

    We are contacting all of our Mr Shea Stadium follows to tell you about some 2017 Citi Field tickets for sell. A friend of ours has season tickets DIRECTLY behind home plate Field Level, the best seats in the whole stadium! He has a list of games he will not be able to attend and has a web page listing those he is trying to sell. The link to paste is:

His link also has his email contact info. Any questions just contact him.

    Also don’t forget to visit our ebay store for NY Mets/ Shea Stadium & Polo Grounds listings under ebay ID:  cornell-9

Lets Go Mets!


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