Peter Alonso, the lumbering, hard hitting  6'3", 225 righty batter who plays 1B, was drafted in the 2nd round in 2016. 
In Brooklyn, he hit as well as almost anyone in the league - while healthy. 
In fact, he hit .400 over his last 9 games before a season ending broken bone injury on August 9 (now fully healed). 
Overall, he hit .321 with a .587 slug % in 30 games, with 18 extra base hits in a hard-to-hit-in park while surrounded by some very anemic hitters. 
In an organization where the top power hitters in their minors system have just modest power, he had 18 XBH in this 30 games. 
So, c'mon, man, stay healthy, and give us 125 games in full season ball in 2017 - let's see what you've got.
Maybe when he is ready for the majors in, say, 2019, he will be good enough to give 1B Dominic Smith some real competition for the starting 1st base Mets position. Or, maybe, he switches back to a position he frequented in college, THIRD BASE.

Alonzo, I have read, is extremely motivated, extremely hard-working at all aspects of his game, and extremely interested in excelling - and that makes me extremely interested in this guy.  I expect him to do extremely well in 2017.


Mack Ade said...

Tom -


I do not think that Mrs. Alonzo has him at #10.

I have him at #18 and I thought that was kind.

Either way, Dominic Smith gets first shot in Queens, and, if that does not work, I look for the Mets to probably go outside their pipeline to find a replacement for Duda.

Nice AAA bat.

Eddie Corona said...

Tommy... Now your talking about one of my guys... (i'm calling Gimenez one of my guys too)...
I recently read a interview he had and he played 3B in HS... He says he believes he has a good arm...
I wish out group would see if 3B is a possiblity for this Guy... If we could somehow have both Smith and Alonso in a future lineup... we could be looking at a future 4/5 hitters down the line... (reserving 3 and 2 for Conforto and Rosario respectively)...

Thomas Brennan said...

Mack, I was being "AGGRESSIVE" with Alonzo, to be sure, because I really like the pop he has, in an organization with a lot of high average, high contact, low power types.

I was conflicted as to where to rank him because he only got in about half a short season in Brooklyn, in terms of putting him that high - but took a flyer on him at # 10. Time, as they say, will tell the tale.

Mets picked him in the 2nd round, 64th overall, so I felt 10 was supported by their being enthusiastic to make him the 64th pick in the entire draft.

Maybe he turns out to be our power hitting 3B of the future.

Reese Kaplan said...

As Mack indicated in his column today, David Wright is done. Why won't they address the elephant in the room and work out a settlement so they can move forward instead of continuing to spin the yarn that he'll work hard and return to All-Star form?

Once they do that, then they can talk about 3B options going forward -- Walker, Flores, Rivera, Cecchini, Evans, whomever...

Thomas Brennan said...

Reese, I think they will let the Spring dictate Wright's Go/No Go.

Back to Mack: Two major leaguers' comps to Alonzo's .321/.382/.587 line on a historically poor hitting Cyclones team:

Duda and Ike....all 3 played in Bklyn at about the same age.

Duda was up about 270 times, and had a .299/.398/.462 line - not far off from Alonzo, but he was a lefty mostly hitting vs. righties, whereas Alonzo, who hit better, was a righty up mostly against righties (he killed lefties, BTW).

Ike was up about 240 times, and was an anemic .256/.326/.326.

Duda and Ike both also had better hitting support during their Brooklyn stay.

I like Pete. I think his ceiling is above Duda and Ike.

Zozo said...

I really like Alonzo at number 10 in your rankings

Hobie said...

If it ever comes down to putting both Smith & Alonzo in the lineup, there's this:

"Should the Mets need the versatility, I have little doubt Smith can also provide top quality outfield play. A left-handed thrower, he can be used effectively in either corner of the outfield. For now, however, the Mets are content that Smith is a solid first-base candidate." -- MLB.com Scouting Profile (Pleskoff)

Mack Ade said...

Hobie -

Everyone talks all the time about Smith's hitting.

He is a potential multiple MLB Golden Glove first baseman.

Adam Smith said...

I'm also an Alonso fan, from what I know about him. It would be huge if he could also play 3B, but that's maybe too much to ask. I heard that despite being chosen #64 overall, that he would likely have gone higher had he not missed a big chunk of his final college season, though he did return and mash in the CWSz. I'm willing to go along with an aggressive #10 ranking here. For the moment. Excited to see how he comes out of the gate. Hopefully in St. Lucid.

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