UPDATE - IF - Wilmer Flores


Utility Infielder and fan favorite, Wilmer Flores, has won his arbitration case against the Mets and will receive a 2017 salary of $2.2mil, instead of the $1.8mil offered. 

Congrats Wilmer... and good luck buddy.


Adam Smith said...

Happy for Wilmer, he deserves it. Part of me hopes that he gets a reasonable number of AB's this season against RHP, but part of me knows that the only way TC will do that is if there are numerous injuries. His performance against LHP last season was otherworldly. I have a feeling that he's got a breakout year in him if he gets the chance.

Reese Kaplan said...

A comp offensively from Mets lore might be Edgardo Alfonzo who started off in a reserve role and once given the chance to be a regular he flourished. He was another guy who rarely struck out, had very little foot speed and moved around the diamond a bit to get his bat into the lineup.

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