Forget Rob Gsellman's 2016 minor league #'s, which were corrupted by having to pitch in the pitcher's penitentiary that is Las Vegas...so I will not even go there. 

Like many, his career #'s excluding AAA have been fine.  From now on, when a guy says to you, "But so and so did terrible in Vegas" just say "Whatever" and walk away.

Unlike most of the top 25 prospects, Rob got real pitching time in the majors.  And after the 13th rounder in 2011 had just turned 23.

Here are his major league numbers, which were outstanding, especially when he delivered strong performance after strong performance and was instrumental in the Mets securing a Wild Card berth: 44.2 IP, 42 K, 4-2, 2.63 ERA. 

What I saw of the athletic 6' 4" Gsellman in his 44.2 IP for the Mets in the pennant drive left me effusive: all I could say was 3 things: WOW…WOW…WOW.

The righty with the deGrom hairstyle actually pitched a lot like Jake: velocity getting into the mid 90's, fine breaking stuff and change up, command and maturity on the mound, and a strong sense of security that if he needs to start frequently for the Mets in 2017, it will be "real deal" talent, not Logan Verrett-like AAA+ pitching talent.

Not cast in stone, but I think Rob is the Mets' #5 starter going north this spring - it will be up to him to excel to keep his slot once Zach Wheeler is considered to switch to starter from the bullpen, Zach's most likely starting point in 2017.  if so, maybe Rob stays the #5 starter and Zach stays in the pen this year. 

Rob's 160 IP in 2016 forms a strong base for a Met starter's workload in 2017.

If Rob can put up pitching stats like the above for all of 2017, we've got quite a catch - possible rookie of the year?  We'll see.

Can he field?  Oh, he can core a apple, and field too.  Just 6 minor league errors in 539 IP, and no errors in his 44.2 IP with the Mets.

Of course, most exciting of all, he got left shoulder surgery so he should be able to hack, which he was not able to do in the games he started with the Mets last year.  The only real minor league hitting he did was in AA, where he was 2-14, with a walk and just 4 Ks.  Not a big sample, but not bad - and you have to be able to hit to be a starting pitcher on the Mets, of that there is no doubt.  Just ask deGrom, Thor, Matz, and even Harvey, who have combined to hit .167 in 461 major league at bats with 17 doubles, a triple, and 5 homers.  Someone has to replace Bartolo Colon's mighty bat, maybe that is Mr. Gsellman.


Mack Ade said...

Morning Tom.

I agree with you about Gsellman breaking camp as the SP5.

The Mets aren't going to push Wheeler. He just can't throw a few curves inST and get back on a major league bump throwing these things. I look for him as a 1-inning specialist for awhile, throwing mostly fastballs and pitchers other than the hammer.

Tom Brennan said...

Wheeler will have an innings limit anyway, after missing 2 years, so don't burn too many of his innings early in the season. If he really gets it back together, we'll need him for the World Series :)

Anyway, Wheeler is a paltry 8 for 80 in his career with a mere 2 walks, so let's go with the better hitter, Rob "Grand Slam" Gsellman :)

Tom Brennan said...

Funny, my thought went from poor hitting Wheeler to his polar opposite Tyler Pill (a .382 career minor league hitting pitcher). I then realized Tyler is older than Wheeler - by one day - both turn 27 in late May. Young Zach isn't young Zach any more.

Reese Kaplan said...

Tom expects everyone to comment on Rob Gsellman but he sidetracked me with the good memory of this:


Anonymous said...

Wheeler pitching one inning at the time is not going to stretch his arm. I think the Mets either go with a 6 man rotation or use Wheeler as a starter with a low pitch count followed by Gsellman.

Wheeler pitches 3/4 innings at the start of the year and then Gsellman comes in for the next 3/4. Wheeler can build his arm strength and Gsellman can take over at any time if Wheeler falters.

Sorry, but I been waiting too long to see these 5 pitchers in the same rotation.


Tom Brennan said...

Viper, maybe that is exactly what they will do with the Wheeler Dealer - good point.

Tom Brennan said...

Reese, the Honeymooners" Can It Core A Apple episode should be a must-watch for any person seeking citizen status! One of the great classic scenes, on a par (IMO) with the Abbott and Costello "Who's on First" routine.

BTW, here are a couple of comic friends of mine doing that routine:

Eddie Corona said...

I am late to this party But i think I am starting to agree with everyone... The 5th spot is his to lose and I could see a fulmer type season... Fulmers ROY wasnt as good as Degrom's and Gsellmans' doesnt have to be either... But he could be a main stay...

Mack Ade said...

I said Wheeler would START as a one-inning guy

That Adam Smith said...

After two years off, whatever they do with Wheeler, they'll do it carefully. We should get lots of opportunity to see if Gsellman can be what he hinted at last year. I agree he'll probably come north as the #5. I expect big things, with ROY not out of the question.

Tom Brennan said...

These are bumper crop times for Mets' pitching, acknowledging the old adage, you can never have enuf.

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