Interview – SS – Luis Guillorme


(Mack) - We're talking this morning with one of the top shortstop prospects in the Mets pipeline, Luis Guillorme. Morning Luis, thanks for joining us here on Mack's Mets.

(Luis) - No problem Mack. My pleasure

(Mack) – I’ve got the first question. Most fans out there thing you came out of one of the Latin countries. Give us a little history on where you grew up and played ball.

(Luis) - I was born and lived in Venezuela before moving here at the age of 12 and ever since I've been living in Davie, Florida

(Mack) – I’ve gotten to know your father pretty well as you speed through the pipeline. I assume he has been a big influence on both you and your game.

(Luis) - I think both of my parents have been the biggest influence on me on and off the field, but my dad is the one that has put countless hours on a field working with me. I can't thank him enough for what he's done for me.

(Reese Kaplan) - How does it feel being a SS in an organization with so much depth at that position?

(Mack) - I think having good players around you and competing against each other makes you better plus it also makes you work harder

(Mack) – I remember that little ‘who can beat who’ game all you shortstops played a couple of years ago in spring training on the back field. You and Milton Ramos won that hands down. .. okay, we know you can get on base and, in my opinion, you are best defensive shortstop in the organization. What have you been working on in the off-season to up your game as you get ready for AA ball (you better have a sweater!).

(Luis) - The main thing I've been working on this off season is to make sure my swing is consistent and making you sure I'm staying back and using my legs. That and I've been staying in St Lucie working out with Mike Barwis since October.

(Mack) – Chris Flexen, Ricky Knapp, Ben Griset, Corey Taylor, David Roseboom, Tomas Nido, David Thompson, Wuilmer Beccera, and you… this might be the most talented Binghamton squad the Mets have had in years…

(Luis) - We don't who is gonna be where, but if we're all on the same team I think it'll be a good and fun year coming up.

(Mike Maer) - Did you have a favorite player growing up?  If he was a SS, and do you try to model your game after him in any way?

(Luis) - My favorite player growing up was Omar Vizquel and my whole life I've been trying to be just like him, mostly on the defensive side of the game. I think the way he played is the way I should do it too.

(Mike) - What was the biggest difference in the pitching you faced last year with St Lucie vs the previous year with Savannah?

(Luis) - I think honestly the only difference was that the pitchers in high A had better command of the zone and were more consistent with their spots

(Mike) - What's your biggest personal goal for the 2017 season? 

(Luis) - My biggest personal goal for this year is to try to win a minor league gold glove

(Mike) - What part of your game are you really focused on for improvement this season?

(Luis) - The extra base hit part of my game and having a more consistent swing so I can get the most out of it. Also, the running part of It, I’m gonna try to run on the bases as much as I can.

(Mike) - What do you take more satisfaction from - driving in a run on offense or preventing a run on defense?

(Luis) - Honestly I get more satisfaction by saving a run. Pitchers really like that.

(Mike) - Do you have a goal or timeline for when you expect to reach MLB?

(Mike) - The goal is to get there as soon as possible.

(Stephen Guilbert) – How was the Barwis program this winter and should we expect to see more power in 2017 as a result?

(Luis) - I've been going there for the past 4 years and I'm gonna keep going back. The atmosphere in that place is awesome and the trainers are the best of the best. 
My game is not based on power but you can expect more extra base hits from me.


Thomas Brennan said...

Great to see that Luis is focusing on more extra base hit production. Because teams only carry 13 position guys rather than the 15 that teams carried some decades ago, the need to provide good offense for any defensive wizard is much more important than it used to be.

46 doubles, 2 triples and just one HR in over 1,400 minor league ABs does not play well. Hopefully, Luis can double that extra base hit rate, as if he truly is a far above average defensive SS, it would greatly enhance his chances of more than a "cup of coffee" big league career.

34 of 52 steals career, and only 4 of 6 last year, make the stealing part of his game one that (if improved) could make him look more attractive to big league decision makers.

I wish Luis every success for 2017.

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