Tomas Nido - some folks liked him prior to 2016, but the defensively-skilled catcher, an 8th rounder out of HS in 2012 who excels at gunning down those foolish enough to try to steal on him, didn't hit all that great. 

Sure, sure, he threw out 41 out of 104 would-be base stealers in 2015, but through 2015, he hit only about .250 with only a little homer power first starting to emerge in 2015 in Savannah A ball. 
OK, but where's the bat, really?  Hit or quit, I say (that's a little harsh, but it rhymes).  We've already had a defensive but non-hitting Anthony Recker at catcher, we don't really need more of those.  So, was there any improvement on Mr. Nido's part in 2016 with the stick?  
Well...how about a catcher winning the FSL batting title with a .320/.357/.459 hitting line over 90 games.   And striking out only about 1 of every 9 plate appearances. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again, a catcher winning a batting title in Florida heat is, well, pretty darned cool.  That said, his walking only 31 times in about 700 plate appearances the past 2 years is a bit concerning.

Back to defense: cutting down base stealers was not just a positive 2015 fluke - Nido also nailed 50 of 119 in 2016, making it 91 of 233 over the past 2 years (39%). 

That compares VERY favorably to d'Arnaud's 23% career success rate as a Met, and Plawecki's 25%.  Light hitting Rene Rivera has a much-closer-to-Nido 36% cut down rate.

Let's see how Nido does in cooler Binghamton in 2017; in my opinion, he is one to really watch in 2017. 
Tomas turns 23 on April 12, so make sure to send him a birthday card.  He is ranked 19th on the NY Mets' 30 Top Prospects list - I have him a little higher.  I hope I'm right. 

Cautionary note: Kevin Plawecki hit almost as well in his age 22 year split between Savannah and St Lucie as Nido did as a 22 year old in St Lucie last year, and Plawecki has struggled in significant parts of two seasons with the Mets (409 PA, .211/.287/.285), so the batting title was nice, but the bat must continue to develop for Tomas Nido for him to be a true starting catcher candidate for the Mets sometime in 2019.

With regard to both Nido and Plawecki, it needs to be noted that sometimes, catchers struggle offensively at first and then adjust well.  in that regard, the memorable defensive Mets catcher in the 1969 World Series, Jerry Grote, hit just .204 in 964 at bats before he turned 25...but as a 25 year old, he hit .282.  So be patient - maybe d'Arnaud, Plawecki, and Nido will all turn out all right.


Anonymous said...

I would be nice to have a great catching prospect. This year will be a big test for Nido. As far as Plawecki, I feel he was rushed by being promoted from AA to the ML.

Once he got send down to Vegas last year, he began to adjust. I expect him to continue to get better and get a call up if d'Arnaud gets hurt. Maybe I should say "once" d'Arnaud gets hurt.


Thomas Brennan said...

Viper, d'Arnaud has not had much in common with Gehrig and Ripken, that's for sure.

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