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Debates – The Lineup

Spring training brings about many opportunities to debate what is best way to maximize this team potential. I don’t see a traditional line up for the Mets and what’s the fun in that…

Let’s start the Debate…

1.    David Wright 3B Right Handed
2.    Lucas Duda 1b Left Handed
3.    Yoenis Céspedes LF Right Handed
4.    Asdrubal Cabrera SS Switch
5.    Curtis Granderson CF Left Handed
6.    Neil Walker 2b Switch
7.    Jay Bruce RF Left Handed
8.    Travis d'Arnaud C Right Handed

I will admit that this may have some shaking their heads so let me explain why.

David Wright is not the player he was. He is primarily a singles hitter. Last year he was used almost exclusively in the 2 hole because of his high on base average. How farfetched is the same concept at the lead off slot? An additional advantage is when Reyes is inserted at 3B, there would be no change to the lineup’s continuity.

Lucas Duda was a high on base guy early in his career. I view having Céspedes behind Lucas to protect him and hopefully the additional fastballs could have him back to his 2014 days.

Céspedes is going to bat 3 or 4 in any line up configuration.

Cabrera as the cleanup hitter, he proved last year that he was very efficient with his at bats. He actually reminded me a little of what Daniel Murphy brought to the table. He is professional hitter who could capitalize when the opposition pitches around Cespedes.

Granderson, Walker, Bruce and d'Arnaud in the 5,6,7,8 position, I believe about 95% of the lineup proposed would have these 4 in these slots in some order. My configuration primarily was set to break up the left handed hitters.  

We could argue that Reyes should start exclusively or Flores should be in more this year to see what he really is as a player but we know Terry and Sandy will have these 8 player start the majority of the time early in the season.

What would you do?


Thomas Brennan said...

As we can see with Wright's impingement, it is hard to project a lineup when health issues (Duda, Wright) are reality. So I will hold off for a few weeks on prognosticating line ups.

Mack Ade said...

Wright would have been on a conservative approach to 2017 WITHOUT an injury.

I can't see him coming back now until sometime in April.

Third base... Rivera, Cecchini, Evans, Flores, Cabrera... pick one

Reese Kaplan said...

Remember who you're dealing with here, Mack. It will be Jose Reyes at 3B on opening day and Kelly Johnson would be returning sooner than anyone under 30 would get a chance.

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