Desmond Lindsay has annoyed me so far - what about you, are you annoyed?  And why, you might ask, am I annoyed? 

For the same reason Lindsay has to be annoyed - injuries limited him to under 300 plate appearances in 72 games in half of 2015 and in 2016.  In other words he missed about half the games in those 2 short seasons. 

Annoying - why?  Because he has a high ceiling and you want guys like that to get their Cal Ripken on and not miss ANY games.

The talented 2015 OF is listed as baseball's 164th best prospect by minor league guru John Sickels - how much you want to bet he'd have been 50 slots higher had he not missed all those games?

Lindsay was drafted out of high school -  over that 72 game span of time, he has gone .284/.401/.419, including .297/.419/.450 in 32 games at his highest level in Brooklyn last year, impressive considering the poor hitting team surrounding him. 

The 6'0", 200 righty OF, who just turned 20 in mid-January 2017, has great tools, just needs to stay healthy and show us what he can do in 125 games in full season ball in 2017. 

Hopefully, he will be a faster, more powerful version of Brandon Nimmo and a starting OF for years to come starting around 2020.  

I could see Mr. Lindsay becoming a 20-25 homer, 80-90 ribbie, .280 - .300 type starting hitter type in the majors.   Maybe a 20 steal guy too if the legs stay healthy.

As of now, he seems (if he can stay healthy) like a great second round pick in 2015.  Here's to your health, Desmond.  Don't break a leg.

Funny story - I was in a local Tom Sawyer show a few years ago playing the schoolteacher.  Folks left and right saying, Break a Leg.   On the night of the last practice, on a darkened stage, a guy pushed a shin-high wooden platform dead on into both my shins.  I'll never be a star but I saw plenty of stars that night.  Blood too.  It was so hard an impact that if he had hit just one leg that hard, instead of both equally hard, I bet it would have broken my leg.  Morale of that story?  I'll never again tell anyone "Go break a leg".  

I will, however, tell someone, "go win rookie of the year."


Mack Ade said...

Tom -


If this kid could only stay healthy.

I have him ranked as my 3rd top prospect outfielder behind Nimmo and Becerra because he is showing early tendencies of not being able to stay on the field. Talent or no talent, he has to remain healthy.

I think this kid could be the next great Mets center fielder.

Thomas Brennan said...

I hope so, Mack. Avoid trying for meaningless minor league stolen bases, stay healthy.

Adam Smith said...

As I recall, he only lasted into the second round because he was injured his senior year of HS. Let's hope he can get past the health issues. Everyone who's seen the kid play, apparently thinks he's the real deal. This system could use a big time CF.

Hobie said...

I am still smarting with my failed fantasies of a healthy F-Mart.

So until Des can rack up a full healthy & productive season, regardless of ceiling he trails Conforto, Nimmo, Becerra and Kaczmarski in Queens-worthy OF'ers.

Thomas Brennan said...

Goal #1 has to be to stay healthy. Start 6 games a week.

Thomas Brennan said...

Goal #1 has to be to stay healthy. Start 6 games a week.

Reese Kaplan said...

Can he ease into it as a DH until he's completely ready for the field?

Mack Ade said...

None of us here have any control of this kid's health, but I hope the Mets brass would recognize the potential talent here and limit thing s lile sliding.

He really has the talent to be special.

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