We've finally come to the end of my top 25 Mets' prospects pick.  Not surprisingly, it is Amed Rosario, essentially the Mets' consensus #1 prospect at this time, and amazingly just rated # 5 prospect in all of baseball by one rater. 

The questions remain as to exactly how good will he be, and can he measure up to other dynamite recent MLB shortstops like Carlos Correa, Trae Turner, Francisco Lindor, and Addison Russell, and with the hugely touted Yank prospect Gleyber. 

I sure hope so – a # 5 MLB prospect ranking (I believe one ranking had him at # 3) strongly supports the notion that here we have a future star. 

Amed has a rep as a strong armed, smooth fielding defensive SS, who had an outstanding offensive season split between A and AA ball, hitting .324/.374/.459 in 120 games in A and AA in 2016. 

He also seems fleet afoot, with a high level of triples (13) and decent stolen base results (19 of 27 in 2016). 

It's time for him to torture AAA pitching.  I bet he outdoes his 2016 splits this year.

Question: Can he add more power, after hitting just 5 homers last year, and only 5 more from 3 years of play in 2013-15? Many believe he will, as do I...I expected to see a more filled out, stronger Rosario come to camp this spring and I hear he has added over 10 pounds of muscle this off season.  Maybe he'll develop into a 15-20 homer a year SS - which is very acceptable. 

I believe we see him on the Mets for the stretch drive in 2017, sooner if the injury bug hits in Queens.  Hopefully, he can be more than the 6th best out of those 5 great aforementioned players and himself.

Maybe the best all-around offensive/defensive player in Mets’ history is right on our doorstep, in Amed Rosario - let's think big.  

Potentially, I could see where he could become the Mets' Derek Jeter (but a better fielder), and that would be darned good company to keep.

Thus ends my Top 25 Prospect daily missives.  So sad.

However, as you may recall, on February 1, I also added brief blurbs on the 26-35 guys.  So, tomorrow, rather than stopping cold turkey, I will post an article on what I think of that Top 35 (hint: I think good, very good).

The next day, I will finally wrap up by doing a further dip down to include 36-50. 

Why go down to 36-50? 

Because I like to put myself in the players' shoes, and if I were one of the guys in the 36-50 range with real quality and major league potential, I'd not want to be overlooked.  So I will give them a little well-deserved sunshine.  They're good, they deserve it.

I will, however, stop there...if any other Macks' Mets writer or blogger wants to go beyond my Top 50 with some of their dark horse favorites, guys you feel I overlooked, I look forward to reading your comments and thoughts. 

Friends, until tomorrow then....


Reese Kaplan said...

I'm probably in the minority, but I'd be happier if Rosario was a .290 or so hitter with good speed, good OBP and good defense rather than see him aim for the fences. The Mets need baserunners more than they need another all-or-nothing swinger develop.

Mack Ade said...

Ike Davis?

Gary Seagren said...

Another great post and lets ALL HOPE he becomes "that" player because it's only taken 55 years to get a position player of that caliber and interesting we pasted on Mack's favorite player at the time in Turner (and also missed a second time when the Nats ..ugh got him in a steal from the Pods) and how good would he look in CF and lead off...sorry Curtis.

eraff said...

Home Grown Guys::::: Let's not forget that Darryl Strawberry was both a Great Prospect and a Guy who was surely headed to the HOF....Wright and Reyes were amazing Home Grown Position Players as well. Ken Singleton, Amos Otis, Edgardo Alfonzo..... if Rosario can be in the same conversation as those guys, he'll be a heckuva player!!!

Thomas Brennan said...

Eraff, all those great guys did not stick around long enough, except Wright (sigh!). Maybe he stays and is the Mets' best.

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