Richard Jones- 17 Pounds

The most talked about 17 pounds in baseball belongs to Noah Syndergaard. The additional muscle he added during the off season. Tom House predicts that the additional muscle will result in a Syndergaard injury by June 1st. House explains that the new muscle is "unskilled muscle". Yes I read that several times just to make sure I wasn't seeing things.

If the 17 pounds results in an injury it will have nothing to do with "unskilled muscle". According to reports Syndergaard also did a lot of work to remain flexible and early video of him pitching indicates the new muscle shouldn't pose any risks in itself. I believe House is just trying to get some much needed PR. If there is no injury no ones going to remember his statements come June 1st. If Syndergaard does get hurt House gets to pat himself on the back.

I do feel Syndergaard's new muscle does pose a potential injury risk. Not to any of the "unskilled muscle" but to tendons, ligaments, and bones which the strength of the muscle may exceed. It can work two ways. The added muscle, which most of it is likely not in his arms, can add extra support to the tendons and ligaments. The extra lower body strength can make it easier on his arm to throw 98.3 mph. It actually may reduce the risk of injury. However if Syndergaard intends to use that extra muscle to throw harder, which he indictated he does, it can add extra stress to his tendons, ligaments, and bones.

Depending on how you look at stats there where anywhere from 3 to about a dozan starting pitchers better than Syndergaard last year. None of those pitchers threw anywhere near as hard a Syndergaard did. My advice to Syndergaard would be to find other ways to improve your game. If he stays at 98.3 the extra strength should make it easier to go deeper into games. Noah ranked 41st in innings pitched last year. A lot of room for improvement there. If the extra stregth makes pitching easier his comand should improve and his spin rates should increase. If the goal is to throw harder House's prediction may come to pass. If it's to pitch smarter I predict a great 2017 season for Noah.


eraff said...

It's important to realize that 17 pounds of Muscle, if added since October/November, is a MASSIVE increase for someone who is not currently going through Puberty! The Time Frame would be a very good indicator that the Objective was exclusively about Adding Size/Bulk/Strength....the idea that you could add that amount of muscle in such a short time "in a well balanced way, focusing on Flexibility" is probably not possible.

We don't know trhe actual time frame or the degree of hyperbole involved.

House's comments shouldn't be entirely dismissed, even if he does have some other motivations. Certainly, the concerns shouldn't be dismissed because it'c "bad news"...not what WE want to hear.

Noah does seem to be a bit of a Showman...and he's also a Young Guy who wants to literally "flex his muscles"---he also wants to be bigger and throw lots harder, and those aren't necessarily good goals...they might ven be incompatible goals.

Let's hope Noah's just having some fun...and that he's doing his Iron Work in a thoughtful way.

Unknown said...

I think one thing you have to consider is his size. 17 pounds on a guy that's 6'7" with a wide frame is not the same on a guy that is 5'9".
Another thing to concider was it natural or by steroids, the way House admitted to adding weight.
A third thing to concider is the amount of time Noah spent doing yoga and other flexibility exercises.
I haven't seen him in the locker room but I did see him pitching with short sleaves and I don't see a difference. Where did he add the weight? Thighs, chest are the most likely area.
I also didn't totally dismiss House's claim. Alot of it will depend on how Syndergaard approaches pitching with that extra weight.

Anonymous said...

Syndergaard is beginning to remind me of Harvey. Adding all that muscle is not a good thing and if his mentality it to come in and throw harder, an injury will soon follow.

Harvey wanted to max out on every pitch and we have seen the results. Lets hope Syndergaard proves to be smarter. Learn to pitch with a 95mph and he will last a lot longer.


Tom Brennan said...

He is unorthodox. I read a few years ago that he was leg pressing 500+ pounds and deadlifting over 400. Stay healthy, Noah.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see a player take 100pct of control over his career and body!
Great to see a player who continues to want to get better,every year!
I hope we all see Noah win the CY,and lead the team to a World Championship? But Mr Noah also needs to work on holding runners? Or he will endure having singles walks turn into triples, no matter which catcher is behind the plate