Casey Wentworth - On that catcher stuff Tom Brennan and Gary McDonald had been discussing


Regarding an earlier article that I had written for this blog, suggesting the acquisition of Miami Marlin's JT Realmuto...

    The latest word out of Miami (I am hearing) is that their catcher position is between JT and Tomas Telis, who is also age 25 and a switch hitter. Ironically, neither has shown much power batting wise, although Realmuto has been on a slightly better skill progression as of late. Telis is a shorter catcher, standing at just 5'8", but he does have bulk weighing in at 219 pounds. Both have talent, but both right now are not predictable.

As it now stands, all the Marlin and Mets current catchers sort of fall into a very similar kind of a category really, with none actually standing out significantly over the other possibilities (although Travis is definitely trying this spring to become relevant here again and its hard to argue with his ST performance thus far in 2017.) Time always tells.

As for the real issues with ex-Baltimore catcher Mark Weiters?

It does not seem apparent that any one issue is to blame for his lack of interest from MLB teams thus far. It's really more of a combination of things that has (so far) slowed his signing somewhere else down, although there was recently a team mentioned seriously considering him. The combination I have seen offered (on other sports websites) was his age factor (30), his declining homerun capability, his injuries, and of course...his asking price. Not one issue is a "knockout" towards his being signed, but rather it is this "cumulative effect" of these things 
I have just mentioned.

My visceral thoughts on this catcher topic here with these NY Mets...

To me, starting Travis d'Arnaud as the 2017 NY Mets catcher is a lot like this team starting Lucas Duda on first base and David Wright on third base. You sort of say a Hail Mary (or two), and keep your fingers and toes crossed for nine innings. History not always a simple sort of thing to forget. Is it?

Other quick thoughts...

1. Why not include Brandon Nimmo as an idea at first base as well, especially if everyone else is trying out for it. Playing both outfield and first base could allow him to break camp on the 25-man if he hits well, as he should. Just an idea. I feel Juan Lagares has topped out already skill-wise.

2. Michael Conforto's bat is seriously impressive this ST, thus far. This is a very good thing!

3. Jay Bruce looks like "a player" this spring and this is a huge factor for the Mets' 2017 batting lineup power-wise especially.

4. Mets pitching looks right on course, already! (Wish Sandy and Terry would try the six-man rotation for 2017, knowing how brittle-like things could quickly become here from history. Bullpen would then go to six down from seven. Each reliever would have a defined role with six. No more seven relievers in one inning stuff, thank goodness.

5. Looking like Josh Smoker could be another set-up arm that this team could really count on in 2017. Bravo!

6. I feel for Gavin Cecchini right now. This kid is a really a good hitter, aggressive, solid defense, smart baseball mind...But here, a man without a position thus far. But do not give up here on him, remember Daniel Murphy, the guy who hit like .346 BA last year? Here's what I would do here with Gavin...Cabrera or Gavin at shortstop, the other at third base. I prefer Gavin at shortstop because he can handle it now, and Cabrera has more power at present and a recent injury history. I realize that Amed Rosario is the heir apparent here at shortstop, most likely in 2017. But why
not give Gavin a shot now to see all that he can do at this level too? Makes good sense to me. Plus, with Jose Reyes or TJ Rivera to back it all up, there is no way to lose with this suggestion. None at all.

So what I am seeing here for 2017 is pure excitement for all of us NY Mets fans and a true "Run For The Roses" come September. This team has added depth, made the key signings, and has the talented kids to somehow try to enter into this season's equation. Yes, I feel good Mrs. Quackenabush! Very good!

Play Ball!


Mack Ade said...

Casey -

With Lugo starting again today, we might be seeing Sandy setting up for a future 6-man rotation with both he and Gsellman in it.

Reese Kaplan said...

Skipper has already declared there is no competition for 3B -- it's Jose Reyes' job. He's certainly not the worst choice and does address the leadoff issue, but you have to feel for guys like TJ Rivera, Gavin Cecchini and Wilmer Flores who are on the upswing while Reyes is in decline.

Tom Brennan said...

Jose is a significant gate attraction, so he has an edge on all of the others, Reese, even if all are equally worthy.

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