Interview – P Merandy Gonzalez


Good morning.

Merandy Gonzales is a quality prospect starter He’s 17-10, 2.94, in four professional seasons, that includes the DSL Mets, Kingsport, and Brooklyn. Gonzalez started 14 games for the Cyclones last season and went 6-3, 2.87.

I have him in the Colubia rotation in 2017.

(Mack) - Hey folks. We're talking today with Mets pitching prospect, Merandy Gonzales. Thanks for joining us here at Mack's Mets. The first question is from me. I see that you were part of the 2012-2013 that joined the Mets and included Amed Rosario. Did you manage to get any bonus money from the Mets when you joined them?

(Merandy) - My contract with the Mets was 50 thousand dollars.

(David Rubin) - What has been the most helpful advice from a coach in the Mets organization you have been given so far?

(Merandy) - Phil Regan (St.Lucie pitching coach) always tells me not to worry because the strike pitches look like ball pitches and the ball pitches hits the strike zone.

(Charlie Hangley) - As you've moved through the minor league levels, what has been the biggest adjustment you've had to make for each stop?

(Merandy) – Well, I do my adjustments in every game. Every game I see the good and the bad. I take the good and leave the bad.

(Reese Kaplan) - What effect have the Mets catchers at each level had on helping you develop?

(Merandy) - The receiver you have are good friends and help us with the pitches. They also help us produce a better game.

(Eddie Corona) – Merandy, how have you felt with the adjustment of having to learn new culture and language as a professional ball player?

(Merandy) - At first it was very difficult to live in the United States without knowing any English, but through the years I am improving and now I am better.

 (Mack) – Last question Merandy, it looks like you will start the season in the Columbia rotation with Justin Dunn and Thomas Szapucki. That would be a great three top prospect rotation.

(Merandy) - If it is God’s will.  My companions Justin and Thomas have had a good 2016 season. The purpose is to start in Colombia and finish in Port St. Lucie. It's going to be good rotation.

(Mack) – Thank you Merandy for your time and quality pitching.

(Merandy) - No problem. Thanks to you, my friend


Thomas Brennan said...

Good interview. Besides Merandy Gonzalez, Harol Gonzalez, who had a terrific starting season in Brooklyn, will make a 4th ace for that Columbia rotation in 2017. That foursome will be as some to follow this year.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

My projected candidates for a rotation spot in Columbia are always raw at best, but there's a lot of guys to consider -

Justin Dunn
Thomas Szapucki
Merandy Gonzalez
Cameron Planck
Thomas Mcllraith
Bryce Beeler
Raul Jacobson
Erik Manoah
Luis Santos
Harol Gonzalez
Gabriel Llanes
Gaby Almonte
Tyler Baldamo

Thomas Brennan said...

Planck should start out lower. BeeIer seems the best of the rest

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