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I’ve got to talk about this, even though it barely touches on anything to do with the Mets.
From 10 am to 1 pm on WFAN, sports radio in New York, there’s a show hosted by Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts. One day, about a year ago, they got together on a remote broadcast out of Connecticut with two guys who did a similar show in Boston. They had a mixed crowd of fans from both stations. They asked the fans from both sides to come up with the three greatest moments for their teams in the New York against Boston/New England rivalry.
The New York fans came up with the following;
1.     The Mets win in the ’86 World Series.
2.     The Bucky Dent home run against the Red Sox.
3.     The Giants winning over the previously undefeated Patriots in the Super Bowl.
These are all very important victories for the teams in special games.
The Boston/NE fans came up with the following:
1.     The Mo Lewis tackle of Drew Bledsoe that knocked him out of the starting quarterback job.
2.     The bench-clearing brawl between the Yankees and the Red Sox where Pedro knocked over Don Zimmer.
3.     Mark Sanchez’s butt fumble.
Now I’m sure there are a number of games that could be cited where the Red Sox defeated the Yankees, or the Patriots defeated either the Giants or the Jets, or the Celtics defeated the Knicks, but the New England fans chose those three.
Those three examples involved individual combat, injury, or humiliation.
I’ve got to wonder, in these times, are we losing it, both as sports fans and as individuals? Are we forgetting the sheer joy of watching the grace and beauty of the games we watch?
What are we thinking, and what does it say about all of us?

Whenever Richard Herr isn’t solving all the Mets’ problems, he spends his time writing humorous science fiction novels.

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Thomas Brennan said...

Richard, we certainly see belligerent reactions in politics. Civility is teetering, bloodlust is in.

On that note, I went (without reading the movie review) to Keanu Reeves' John Wick II movie....wall to wall killing...I was surprised the killing did not continue while the credits rolled.

Having said that, I plan to beat you up when I see you - no particular reason, it's just what people do nowadays.

I just hope the Mets beat the odds again in 2017 and beat the Red Sox in the WS.

Mack Ade said...

combat, injury, or humiliation... the American pastime

Eddie Corona said...

Hey Tom a Mets red sox world series would be a real tough WS...
Here's hopingits another opponent.. VS Cleveland, or Texas Or Houston...
I hate playing the same team ... sort of like they owe us for 86...

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