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Have a quick couple of thoughts that I would like to run by you and your team of Met journalists there. See what you think?

To me, there are really just two major concerns that linger from the past two seasons of watching the Mets. First, the reoccurrence of injuries to basically the same players. And secondly, the reluctance I have in bringing back players who have been here three to four seasons already with the team expecting those players to improve their respective games in 2017 over what they have already clearly demonstrated to be their norm.

There are thoughts being bantered about on the web wondering if the catcher position here could quite possibly be upgraded somewhat more. Knowing that the catcher position in MLB is sort of at a collective low point, I was trying to think of alternative ways to accomplish this. I like Travis d'Arnaud but kind of am concerned about last season's overall injury and skill regression he demonstrated. If say, he were to go down injured once again, then would either Rene or Kevin be able to carry a starting role that could included again a long stretch of games?

So my idea here is this, why not trade Travis to a team where that club has a catcher that also may need a general change of scenery as well. Sometime athletes (and people in general) just simply need a new address to give themselves a viable chance to start over. With this in mind, I was thinking J.T. Realmuto on the Miami Marlins. J.T. is not slated to start at catcher there in Miami in 2017. His stats are decent though, he batted .303 BA with 48 RBI's in 2016 with Miami. His career batting average is solid over three seasons at .281 BA. He will not hurt a team behind the plate and has a really strong arm.

His scouting reports basically say that he is a solid catcher, has a plus arm, is now 25 years old, average speed for a catcher, is a big 6'1" plate target, but has only (so far) so-so power batting game to him. I like his swing mechanics and understand that he has developed a better eye at the plate over time and strikes out a whole lot less than he had been prior. What I like most here with J.T. are these things: He has developed a consistency both batting wise and catching behind the plate. From a consistent swing with solid batting mechanics, I do believe that power can then be added as J.T. continues to get solid game time in and ages. Whereas Travis has really been hurt by his so many injuries interfering with his own development progress. I have concern here that this may continue to be the case with him. There are no certainties with such things, that it will not going forward.

At present, Miami is looking for a first baseman and a decent enough catcher (like Travis) might just be enough to convince them to move Realmuto. I am wondering if Lucas and Travis might appeal there in Miami? Maybe the Mets could get back someone with Realmuto as well, maybe a MiLB player to help restock their own MiLB.

It's an interesting thought, perhaps.

I was also kind of disappointed that Gabriel Ynoa got sold because the NY Mets have watched a multitude of starting pitchers go down all basically at the same time in prior seasons. I realize that the Mets are always reluctant to go to the more obvious 6-man rotation for injury conservation type reasons. But right now already, Zach Wheeler is on hold, Matt Harvey is still unknown, Jacob deGrom "should be" alright, R. Gsellman "should be" able to bat again normally, and Stephen Matz "looks alright" right now. And the Las Vegas starting rotation is relatively unset, having deleted a few potential AAA 51' starters from their roster.

However too, I do believe that if the injury bug bastard doesn't bite too hard in 2017, these same NY Mets should see a wonderful season unfold around them that would make later on September be a lot of fun for all us fans!

So Let's Go Mets!


Reese Kaplan said...


I have written a column to run tomorrow looking at the competition around the division and the Marlins are a part of it. Realmuto is the top of every depth chart I've seen and Justin Bour is showing 30 HR power at 1B, so I'm not sure the package you propose would interest them. I like the thought, though, since d'Arnaud's only positive thus far in his career is his pitch framing skills. His arm is so-so, his bat uneven and his health rather Floyd-like.

Personally, I would have rather seen them look to lock up a Matt Weiters to have an honest competition and a capable backup since neither he nor d'Arnaud are exactly Ripken-like in the ability to stay on the field.

Mack Ade said...

Every General Manager has a budget to work with.

Alderson spent the last of his money on picking up the Bruce and Walker options.

We're done for now.

eraff said...

So, you want to trace your Constantly Injured, non-performing Catcher for a Younger, Healthy, btter CATCHER!!???

Wow!...Great Idea!!!!

eraff said...


Thomas Brennan said...

I think if we got to the point where Ynoa was pressed into a starter's role, we'd long for the return of Mike Pelfrey

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