BREAKING NEWS - 2B - Brandon Phillips


From Jim Bowden via Facebook - 

The Atlanta Braves have acquired second baseman Brandon Phillips from the Cincinnati Reds. For the Reds this was about giving him a graceful exit. They had no leverage so they didn't ask for much of anything in return. The Braves became a good fit for Phillips and the Reds didn't want to stand in his way, although they could have. This trade was vastly preferable to a release after going through what would have been an awkward spring since Reds are committed to going with Jose Peraza and Dilson Herrera at second. This trade is not a win for the Reds in terms of return which is close to nothing according to sources from both teams. Just avoiding tough times and getting on with with Reds rebuilding good enough reasons for them to make the trade. For the Braves they get a gold glove second baseman who can still play and a solid place holder until Braves top prospect Ozzie Albies is ready in 2018. The reason we are not releasing names of players going to Cincinnati is this deal has the final hurdle of a physical on Phillips and it's not a slam dunk at this point. Would not be fair to name the 2 other players if the physical doesn't pass and the trade falls through.


Thomas Brennan said...

Braves being aggressive

Reese Kaplan said...

It must be nice totally for a team that tries to improve from year to year.

Thomas Brennan said...

Reese, they're more Brave than. Our guys are

Anonymous said...

Go root for the Braves then............I will take the Mets' roster and our management over anything in Atlanta.

Robb said...

they need to be a 500 team this year, bc they are moving into a new ballpark. the reds picked up 90% of the contract so that they could play the kids. too be honest he screwed the reds bc they could ahve gotten descent prospects for him in the last 2-3 years when they tried to trade him and he vetoed the deals.

this is not a good trade for the braves. he will be unhappy with the losing and then when they make him a bench player he will be a malcontent. this is not the guy from 6 years ago. He is 35, lost his speed to injuries, lost most of his range factor and wont be playing in a tiny ballpark. walker is a significantly better player.

3 to 5 he is traded or released before the all star break.

but for the braves lighting in the bottle for 1mm is a smart play, if only to give their two middle infield kids a couple more months to settle in.

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