Stop the Presses! Mets Acquire a Player!!!

Well, not much of a player...Tom Gorzelanny is on a minor league deal that can pay him up to $2.8 million if all incentives are reached, but it comes with an invitation to major league camp.  If I'm Jerry Blevins, Tom's 21.00 ERA for Cleveland last year absolutely has me quaking in my boots over the competition.  Sandy really is playing hardball now 😉


Thomas Brennan said...

Deal of the Decade.

Anonymous said...

I am totally impressed by our in-house genius. What better way to improve the team in order to challenge for the NL than to sign another team castoff.

This move makes us the favorites for in the NL east for sure. Now trade the only true CF on the team and get another has been bullpen arm.

All this because our overrated Genius neutered himself with a 17.2M contract on a player who had back surgery.

Is a great time to be Mets fans boys because we have:

1. Owners who can't see the wisdom of spending more to make the Mets the #1 baseball team in NY.
2. A GM who can't make up his mind on which direction the team will go. First is go young and once the young are ready, play the veterans.
3. 6 years plus and the team is still full of question marks. Amazing indeed.


Gary Seagren said...

Mack here's a question: do you think it's enough for management that we play meaningful games in September as far as how much they make dollar wise or put another way do you know the financial difference between what they made in 2015 when we went to the WS and what they made last year when we only made it to the WC. To make the signing of a much needed lefty in the pen, and really 2 would be better, about the money is just foolish and to think they paid what... $22 million for this team in 1980 and it's worth 1.5 to 2 BILLION today...Wow

bill metsiac said...

They also re-signed Salas and are talking to Blevins, talking about those might spoil all the negativity that seels to have taken over MM lately. 😏

Mack Ade said...

Gary -

adding your question to my next Q and A

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