INJURY UPSTATE - SS - Ronny Mauricio


Update on top international prospect rumored to be signing a bonus deal with the Mets - 

Oh no. Ronny Mauricio, a top 2017 Dominican SS, makes a nice play up the middle, then leaves with an injury, carried off the field.


eraff said...

Too early to Balme the Mets Medical Staff?

Mack Ade said...

maybe he tripped on all the other Latin million dollar bonus Mets shortstops

Thomas Brennan said...

Did he slip on the way to his Sweet 16 Party? How young is this guy? Probably born in 2000 - think a bit on that one.

Christopher Soto said...

This really is a shame....hopefully the injury isn't too serious.

Mauricio may only be 15 but he is built like a college athlete. He's already 6'2" 165 lbs and pretty much dwarfs 95% of the other kids at the showcase.

Think of him as a bigger, stronger Amed Rosario.

It's interesting to see Alderson getting involved in the upper quality levels of the International Free Agent market

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