Wuilmer Becerra - let's see how his 2017 pans out after being injured for much of 2016.  If recovered fully, he could have quite a year.

The tall right fielder was obtained as a throw-in in the RA Dickey trade that also netted the Mets Noah Syndergaard (thank you, thank you, thank you) and Travis d'Arnaud.  He was a just-turned 18 year old bonus baby at the time of the trade.

He started to strut his value in 2014 in Savannah, playing 118 games and hitting .290/.342/.423, with 96 Ks but 16 steals.  He was hitting just .250 as of May 21 that season, so his hitting was exceptional after that date.

2016 started like a house on fire for the 6'3, 225 righty 21 year old, hitting ,424 for St Lucie through May 13 but suffered an injury that first forced him to DH and later shut down his season altogether.  He ended up hitting .312 in 65 games, with limited power (17 doubles and a single homer). 

Defensively he seems solid with 21 outfield assists in 227 outfield starts in his career.  He's stolen 30 of 41 over his past 3 season spanning about 240 games, so one would assume if/when he arrives in the bigs, he will have somewhat above average outfield speed.

If healthy all of 2016, he might have cracked my Prospect Top 5, but injuries (if there are any lingering effects) could jeopardize or at least slow his march to the majors.

As with so many of the Mets' prospects we wish them a healthy 2017.


Mack Ade said...

A couple of other things about Becerra -

1. We have talked in the past that spending over $1mil bonuses in the International baby pool usually gets you the quality players. We always forget to mention Becerra because he was signed by Toronto in 201, not the Mets... at $1.3mil.

2. The surgery last season to repair a torn labrum should return Becerra's power numbers. Prior to being shut down, he had only one home run in 247 at-bats.

3. Becerra was considered a 'throw-in' in the Dickey trade because of his original injury, being hit in the face by Yankees minor league pitcher Graham Stoneburner. It was just his eleventh pro game, broke his jaw, and ended his season.

Tom Brennan said...

Good points, Mack. When you consider how extremely well he hit from late May 2015 to mid May 2016, a major stretch of time, a healthy Becerra may turn into a real top prospect this year.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

I REALLY like Becerra.

I hope the injury does not hold him up from starting in Binghamton this year. He is not a teenager anymore and he needs to get moving.

I still have his ETA to Queens as opening day 2019 and I totally see him as a starter.

He does net to stop playing DH and we need to get a good feel for him in the field.

IMO, this is a real deal talent.

Tom Brennan said...

Had a minute to look - in 379 at bats between his slow 2015 start and when he peaked in early 2016, he was 131 for 379 (.346). To me, if healthy, those are real deal #s

eraff said...

Becerra still has time to be the Favorite Cracker Jack Prize.... I believe most of the excitement is about him being a Brown Paper Wrapped Gift in a big trade.

The Savahnah season as a 20 year old was enough to spike interest---last season seems like a total loss. 1 HR and stuck on 20% K Rate???.....NINE Walks in 270 PA's...!!!! Either Tarzan was Hurt, or Tarzan Hits like Jane--- or Both.....he needs to prove against both of those things.

Did he see a Surgeon???

Tom Brennan said...

eraff, Becerra needed surgery, I believe for a torn labrum. Assuming he is now healthy, as the surgery was 6 months ago, he could have a killer 2017.

eraff said...

9 walks...260 ab's...THAT is NOT a survivable Stat for this Guy. He's a Suspect because of that and his health....and 9 homers at Savanah was a lifetime ago. 2016 is a Stopper for Me... he's an interesting "?".

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