I almost did not pick him because his name is hard to spell, but I got over myself in that regard and picked him at # 22.  The percentage of time I have spelled his name right just about equals his career batting average of .309.

Kaczmarski started out with Pat Mazelka in Kingsport in 2015, and both hit over .350, with Kevin edging out Mazelka by a point for the batting title in the Appalachian League...Batman and Robin - the Dynamic Duo.  

As a 24 year old in 2016, he played in both Columbia and St Lucie. In 175 games in his career, his line is an impressive .309/.381/.451.  The lefty OF has stolen 34 of 49 in those 175 games, with 47 doubles and a Jose-Reyes like 15 triples....but only 6 homers to date.  Defensively, he made just 2 errors in 170 games, so dude has got glove.

He would be greatly benefited in his quest for a major league career by a stellar 2017 season in AA, with added home run pop...15 or more would be nice...so would another batting title.

He is older than Brandon Nimmo, who has a few more years in and has progressed further than Kevin has, but it is not inconceivable that the excellent year Nimmo put up in 2016 could be replicated by Kaczmarski in 2017.  If KK splits his season between AA and AAA, I could see him hitting .310, with 35 doubles, a dozen homers and 20 steals in 125 games. And possibly be a September call up.

To me, I can easily see KK as a possible platoon or reserve caliber major league outfielder, starting in 2018.


Mack Ade said...

Tom -

Good morning.

I REALLY like Kaczmarski. He was a late round 5-year college boy who, age wise, is already in the last year he can qualify being of prospect age. He absolutely raked in his senior year which got him this pick and so far he has hit well at every level.

What I don't like is his size, his lack of speed, his debatable defense and his lack of power.

I compare him to a guy like Matt den Dekker. He'll hit .400 in the PCL, but then what?

I agree with you Tom that his only professional option will probably be as a UT outfielder and pinch hitter.

Tom Brennan said...

Big difference between him and den Dekker, Mack, is that his strikeout rate is much better.

That said, he needs to have a huge year in 2017 to push towards the bigs.

Reese Kaplan said...

He's suffering TJ Rivera disease -- not a big draft pick in which the club has emotional and financial incentive to see succeed. I can kind of understand the emotional side -- wanting to be proven right -- but once a player starts performing isn't it in their best interest to promote the best available talent, not necessarily based upon their draft position status?

Tom Brennan said...

Reese, it sure is - too soon to say KK is getting shunned by mgmt, since he only has 1.5 years in. he needs a breakthrough year.

If you prorated him to 600 at bats, for his career he'd put up 43 doubles, 13 triples, 5 HRs, 106 runs, 72 RBI, and 31 of 43 in steals, to go with his .309. Pretty exceptional. Now he's got to show he can do as well at higher minor league levels, with more pop,

Mack Ade said...

Because of age, I have him in Lucy this spring, playing along side some version of Rafael Ramirez, Emmanuel Zabata, Jeff Diehl, Vincente Lupo, and Tucker Tharp

Tom Brennan said...

Mack, I hope they shove KK straight up to Binghamton. I really think he'd do OK. He already had 42 games last year in Lucy Land and hit .302. Time for a bigger challenge.

They smartly skipped him past Brooklyn in 2016 to get him a full season (well, 111 games, anyway) in 2016.

Get Becerra in Binghamton too.

Tebow:) ?

Hobie said...

Agree, Thomas: Kacz, Stuart & Becerra (L-C-R) should be your Bingo OF.

Tom Brennan said...

Think you've nailed it, Hobie

Mack Ade said...

what about Sabol, More, Biondi, and Boyd?

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