Casey Wentworth - See You In 2018


I have mentioned from preseason 2017 that this team is flawed in its player personnel construction. It is running out there basically the same exact team that has not worked to expectation more than one time. In so doing, it cannot ever work just based upon common sense and really its own team history with these same exact players. The flaw here is quite fundamental.

When I saw this happening again this year, I knew that this 2017 season was a wash. I really do not waste a lot of my time with badly constructed teams such as this one.

It isn't attitude, it isn't manning up, it isn't effort or desire. It is simply a flaw in the construction of its player personnel. There is no true defense of this fact either. If I could see this preseason, anyone could have, it was that obvious a thing to see.

I have since given you a better approach for the 2017 NY Mets roster and starting player positions. This current 15-man will not ever work and it is truly time to give up on it and start over while the young pitching staff we have here is actually still young.

Will this Mets management ever see this? A: I am not certain, they have not thus far and it would take a lot for them to admit this fact. So we will see.

See you in 2018.

Who do I want for the new NY Mets manager? A: David Wright. 

The Mets will have to trade away nearly all their veteran players and get their replacement improvements into position here. See my recent past e-mails as to just whom they are. By doing this, the Mets may get the couple of things they will need added to the mix here that is not currently anywhere within their own system. And add minor league depth that also is not here now.

All the Best Mack!


Reese Kaplan said...

I second the sentiment that they need to accept that their window in 2017 has closed and it's time to replenish the farm system much like they did early on when they parlayed Carlos Beltran into Zack Wheeler and R.A. Dickey into Noah Syndergaard, Travis d'Arnaud and Wuilmer Becerra.

Anonymous said...

Time to book some flights!
I agree David as the next Manager let him get his feet now
Have Frankie V on a flight to NY NOW.
Let TC and his 95 yrold pitching coach,settle into a retirement home
Team needs a new approach at the plate and badly need a youth infusion
Rosario should be up NOW batting leadoff
but keep Mr Long away from him let him do his thing no need to try and pull every ball in the air
The one question I have is who should David has as a bench coach?
Floyd or Joe McEwing?

Mack Ade said...

Take care Casey. I'll miss you.

Thomas Brennan said...

In fairness, all we really knew at the start of spring was Wright was likely to miss a ton of time, Familia would be suspended, and Harvey and Zach were question marks coming off injuries.

Who knew Lugo would get hurt, then Matz, then Cespedes, then Familia and Thor, Harvey would pitch like Tom Sturdivant, and other guys (Duda, Cabrera, Nimmo, d'Arnaud) would get hurt too? Well, we did sort of know d'Arnaud would get hut - it is what he does best.

I was very positive prior to spring training, except for being worried about the bullpen (whether or not Familia was suspended). Losing Matz and Lugo in the spring immediately took away any ability to deal with pitching adversity.

But it is time to address reality.

Is Wright the BEST choice to manage? We may like him, but do we want an untested manager? I would be OK with trying him as an interim manager for the rest of the year and see.

107 games left - many mysteries lie before us with these boys.

Adam Smith said...

One thing that Wright would have immediately is the respect of the clubhouse. He worked so long and hard to get back on the field, how could you disappoint him as your manager by not giving 100%? Tactically, he couldn't be any worse than TC. I'd give it a shot, If he'd agree to do it. It would also be a tremendous PR move for the org.

Thomas Brennan said...

Adam, good points.

Gary Seagren said...

Totally agree with Adam. Why not actually use D. Wright in a positive way and selling more tickets would be a bonus kinda like the boost Tebow is giving Columbia. He may not be able to throw but he can fill out a lineup card. The "good thing" about the state of our team right now is management will have to do something very soon and I hope it's not just adding Rosario.

eraff said...

Managers are Hired to be Fired..... David will NEVER Manage the Mets

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