Tom Brennan - GOOD NEWS


Tom Brennan - GOOD NEWS

Terror attacks in England, crappy baseball in Queens.  

How about some GOOD NEWS?

OK, here's some.

MARCOS MOLINA - he's back to being the real MARCOS MOLINA again.  After his spring training shutdown, he resurfaced on a St Lucie mound on May 16 (actually, it was a road game in lovely Lakeland, but you get my point). 

He has now tossed pitches in 4 outings, and the results are GOOD NEWS...21 IP, just 14 hits and 3 ER allowed.  Seems to me the PHENOM IS FINALLY BACK.

TOM SZAPUCKI - last year's incredible lefty in rookie ball is back from shoulder improvement, and pitched for Columbia.  He tossed 3 shutout innings followed by a 3 run 4th - understandable after such a long layoff.  Just his being back is GOOD NEWS.

MICHAEL PAEZ- 4 for 5 with a homer last game boosted the Fireflies SS to .306 with an amazing 27 XBHs.  And he was hitting just .194 on April 15. His bat? Certainly GOOD NEWS.

DESMOND LINDSAY: hitting a rough .150 just 4 games ago, in the last 4 games, the 292nd round prospect went deep twice, and was 5-13 with 4 walks.  After no good news at all from Lindsay all season, that is GOOD NEWS.

You can always find GOOD NEWS if you look hard enough.

It may not be the kind that will help in Queens any time soon, but it's better than reading the obituaries.


Mack Ade said...

Scott Klose‏ @ScottKlose71 - I was at both St Lucie games. Molina is worth every bit of his 40 man spot. Mechanics looked great. Good command of all of his pitches.

Thomas Brennan said...

Very cool, Mack, on Molina. A Harvey replacement in 2018? He'd have to move quickly.

David Rubin said...

January of 2015- a Padres high level scout said he thought Molina not only had a major league Arm but thought he might have the most raw pitching talents of anyone in our minors by far at that point. This January a Diamondbacks scout says that Molina is well-known to every general manager and that should the Mets try to make a deal he would be one of the first players that would be asked for because many people believe still that his arm is going to make him an elite closer if not a starter in the years to come.
That is certainly a great news that he is back on the hill. Lindsay had been such a disappointment so far that I pray this is since turning point because goodness knows the talent is there. Watching him play I think of Toy Cannon Jimmy Wynn. Let's pray he has a career equally as great!

Thomas Brennan said...

David, I hope Molina lives up to those high expectations. Between him, Dunn, Humphreys, Gonzalez, Crismatt and Szapucki (maybe throw in Flexen), we have some fine starter pieces.

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