Some guys try to do it the hard way. And succeed.

Kevin Taylor was a 36th rounder for the Dodgers in 2011, so over 1,000 guys were drafted before his name got called.

He got a whopping 5 at bats in 2011 (they probably put Dangerfield and not Taylor on his uniform), then just 128 total games in A ball in 2012-13, hitting an unimpressive .245.
Lots of guys might give up right there. Not Taylor.

In 2014, off to Indy ball he went.  He hit .271 in 64 games. 

OK, better. 

Then in 2015 Indy ball, he hits .327/.435/.497. 
OK, a lot better.

So the Mets astutely grab him to play high A ball in 2016. 

What the heck, right? 

And he plays real well for St Lucie...at .288/.386/.404. 

That's better than a bunch of infielders floating around in the minors for the Mets. 

So, what's next?

2017?  Hel...loooo, Binghamton.  Could Taylor be as good as he was in St Lucie in 2016? 

Yep - just as well.

Through 43 games in 2017, through May 24, as a 25 year old, the 6'0" 195 lb. lefty hitter is at .293/.393/.393 for the Ponies.  And just 22 strikeouts in 175 plate appearances (a very, very acceptable 1-every-8 rate).

He is playing mostly outfield for The Rumblers this year with no (zero, nada, zilch) errors.  He has had 14 errors in 107 career games at 2nd and 3rd (not bad) too.

2016 and 2017 in total, hitting-wise? 549 at bats, .290, 26 doubles, 11 homers, 77 RBIs.  Solid.

So, Taylor is a good contact guy who gets on base 40% of the time and plays solid D.  He also can hit lefties very well (on 22 of 51 times this year, with just 5 Ks).

Shortfalls?  No real speed (just 3 career triples, and 10 of 20 in steals in 285 games).  Decent, but clearly not exceptional power.

I would rank Mets' minors quality middle infielders as follows (age shown in parentheses), with the rankings of #'s 2 through 9 subject to significant shifting as this year progresses. 

Having Taylor as # 4 shows how far he has come along:

1. Rosario AAA (21)

2. Cecchini AAA (22)

3. Guillorme AA (22)

4. Taylor AA (25)

5. Thompson AA (23)

6. Evans AAA (24)

7. Mazzilli AA (26)

8. Urena HIGH A (22)

9. Paez FULL A (22)

I have him at # 4 due to his high on base % and ability to make consistent contact.  But it's tight 3 through 9, the competition is considerable.

Here is wishing Kevin Taylor just gets better and better. 

His dream is still by no means a sure thing - but they said the same about TJ Rivera...and look where he is right now.


Reese Kaplan said...

Where Rivera is right now is on the bench so Jose Reyes can "get going".

Thomas Brennan said...

Hopefully, Reyes will soon get going, if you catch my drift. He's hitting like Al Weis.

Reese Kaplan said...

I thought he was hitting more like Al Bundy and running like Fat Albert.

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