DOWN UNDER: Mets Minor League Update 9/7/15


DOWN UNDER: Mets Minor League Update 9/7/15


The seven teams were over .500 by a combined 50 games.

STAR OF THE DAY: Brock Peterson

HONORABLE MENTION: Joe Belnome, Corey Oswalt


Las Vegas (77-67) 0  - Tacoma 5. HEADED HOME.

Binghamton (77-64) 8 - Altoona 6.  ON TO THE PLAYOFFS

St Lucie - season is over - 68-70. HEADED HOME.

Savannah (84-53) 4 - Greenville 2.  ON TO THE PLAYOFFS

Brooklyn (33-43) 2 - Staten Island 4. HEADED HOME.

Kingsport: season and playoffs over: 40-28, lost playoffs 2-1

Now Here's the Scoop:

Las Vegas plays a meaningless game # 144, thanks to a late-season swoon, with 4-0 Tim Stauffer starting.  

Stauffer was off his game and took the loss. Vegas hitters managed just 2 hits...season over, 10 games over for the year, swooned late so heading home. Happy winter, boys.

Binghamton hoped to head into its playoffs battle with Reading with a win in their final regular season game. Mickey Jannis started today for a team whose current 25 man roster looks very little like what Bingo started the season with.

Amazing stuff in today's final Bingo game. Heading into the playoffs, the team's goals are 1) stay healthy and 2) don't deplete the pen. So the first 2 pitchers lasted 4 innings (the Mickey knuckler was a chuckler, with 4 walks in his .2 IP) and the game went 12 innings. 

So, after Bingo used 6 pitchers, how not to deplete? To the rescue, starting LF Brock Peterson volunteered to pitch - and threw 3 friggin' shutout innings for the win. THREE!  On base 3 times, too - who does he think he is, Tyler Pill?

Vince Belnome hit a walk off, 12th inning 2 run shot. Way to go, VB. Recent transplants Jeff McNeil and Victor Cruzado had 2 his apiece, and VC also walked twice.

Savannah sought to finish 31 games over .500. Done. 

Savannah's Corey Oswalt went 6 scoreless innings for his 11th win. Chris Flexen allowed 2 runs in his 3rd inning of work, but the Gnats win anyway, go 31 over, and are playoff-bound. They are Gnaturals.

Brooklyn took its .221 team average into its final contest, hoping to finish with a win and many hits. Nope and nope. 

Brooklyn went scoreless for 6 innings, scored two in the 7th, and lost 4-2. A lackluster season has come to an end. 19-38 over the last 57.

GOATS: Brooklyn, St Lucie, and Vegas - no playoffs (sniff).


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