The Morning Report 9.24.2015 | Freddie Freeman-itis Continues to Plague Citi Field, Mets Living Dangerously Down the Stretch, Rest of Season Rotation Set


Brian Devine | Metsmerized Online- Freddie Freeman once again crushed the Mets hopes with an excellent performance during last night’s loss to Atlanta.“Freddie has been a thorn in our side,” Wright said. “I wasn’t expecting to see him. He came in and single-handedly beat us. So I’ll be glad to get rid of him. That’s why he is who he is. It just seems like he elevates his game against us.” Wright appeared to have shouted expletives at him as he rounded the bases, but the Mets’ captain told reporters after the game that it was all in good fun.

(Chris Soto: How Chipper Jones was to the Mets in the 90's, Freddie Freeman is to the current Mets generation. In his career, Freeman has a .291 AVG with an .873 OPS against them including 15 HRs and 64 RBI. What really crazy is; As bad as the Mets have it....The Nationals suffer worse from Freeman-itis. In 85 games played, Freeman is hitting a flat out ridiculous .342 AVG with a .922 OPS against the Nats.  It will also be his 3rd straight season with an OPS over .825 which is 27% better than the league average. Boy it must be nice to have a consistent year in and year out stud in your line-up.....)

Kevin Kernan New York Post- The Mets would be wise to heed the words of Yogi Berra. Like Yogi said: It ain’t over ’til it’s over. This isn’t Panic City, yet, but it’s not a good vibe around the Mets as they dropped two straight to the Braves and head out to play two more terrible teams — the Reds and Phillies — before finishing the season at home with a three-spot against the Nationals. The Mets can be thankful the Nationals continue to be chokers. “It’s always nice when that magic number shrinks,’’ David Wright said. “Ultimately, we’d like to play better and have that magic number shrink because we’re winning.’’ That would be nice. Right now, backing into the postseason is the favored mode of transportation for the Mets.

(Chris Soto: This is a very dangerous game the Mets are playing. With only 10 games left to go, the Mets need to start winning again here soon or else they will risk going into the playoff ice cold against the Top 2 SP in the National League in Clayton Kershaw and Zack Grienke. Right now, the hitting is cold, the bullpen is struggling, and the rotation is operating with no consistency as 7 guys are being juggled around in it.)

Paul Myron Amazin Avenue-  Mets manager Terry Collins laid out how the Mets plan to handle the starting rotation for the rest of the regular season.  Bartolo Colon pitched Wednesday, Steven Matz, Noah Syndergaard, Matt Harvey, and Jacob deGrom, will pitch in the series in Cincinnati. Jon Niese will then open up the series against the Phillies next Tuesday. The Mets will likely use this order for the remainder of the regular season. If the Mets stick to this plan, it would mean Syndergaard, Harvey, and deGrom would be slated to start in the final series against the Washington Nationals

(Chris Soto: What this means is...if the Mets can lock up the division before that final Nationals series, we will likely see Syndergaard and Harvey make abbreviated starts with Verrett and probably Niese piggybacking, and we'll likely see deGrom skipped completely with Colon taking the final start. This will set up the playoff rotation of deGrom, Harvey, and Syndergaard for the first 3 games @ the Dodgers, or, Syndergaard, deGrom, Harvey if the Mets can win home field advantage.)


Thomas Brennan said...

Time to win some games, boys.

Ernest Dove said...

Perhaps every once in awhile we get reminded of Mets can still be exposed in offense. They still take a ton of meatballs down middle to start every count 0-1.
And Grandy remains the only hitter on team who can walk. With EY Jr the only one that can run outside of cespedes.
What rremains is guys all trying to hit homers.
And nobody knows who's starting every night or for how long. Perhaps that can effect not only the starters but also tge relievers.

Either way im just happy this team is gonna be playing October. And their pitching is just too good to get swept by Dodgers so lets just enjoy the ride and support our team.

Ernest Dove said...

Oh and by the way has anyone noticed how Bartolo Colon last night was a SHINING example of why there should be LESS focus on pitch count and MORE focus on actual performance and game action?
Bart was easily on track to go 9 innings. .....but in the 6th he struggled and just squeezed his way out of it..........sooooo instead of looking at his pitch count perhaps Mets should have seen the red flag, especially with expanded roster, and took him out after that inning.
Reed has struggled recently but what if he came in with nobody on base?

Mack Ade said...

It's been awhile since I've followed a team on a playoff run, but is it supposed to be this painful?

Reese Kaplan said...

@Ernest Dove -- what you're seeing is Collinsitis -- the inability to think outside the box. Reed is his 7th inning guy no matter what. Clippard is the 8th inning guy no matter what. Familia is the 9th inning guy no matter what. Nevermind that Colon was losing it. Nevermind that Reed didn't have it. Nevermind that Familia was nowhere near the plate on the walk he issued. Damn it, Collins is going to stubbornly stick to what he's done before, whether it works or not. Even the announcers wondered aloud why Familia was being allowed to face any more batters after serving up Freeman's home run. It's not like it was a save situation at that point. You could have even let Eric O'Flaherty waste a batter or two. That game was over.

Reese Kaplan said...

Oh, and can you imagine Terry Collins managing against a Joe Maddon? It's been a long time since the Christians faced the lions.

bob gregory said...

The Mets could benefit from simplifying. Just focus.on winning the next 6 games.
Treat it as 6 games left of the season they have to win.

bob gregory said...

My mistake.
Make it 5 games.

Ernest Dove said...

The Mets can still conceivably wrap up the division during this Reds series. Good time for Nats to play a double header because a whole lot can go down by end of tonight based on what they do............
Well anyway it was good to see Travis and Duda hit a little last night. Mets need them on track.

Thomas Brennan said...

Mack, imagine how painful it would be if the Nats didn't lose their last 2. I hope we close it out this weekend and have a week to sit back and enjoy.

Steve from Norfolk said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't you usually wait until the division has actually been won before you start resting players?

I'm getting deja vu feelings from 2008.

Mack Ade said...

Steve F.N. -

This team can't afford to rest anyone until this job is done.

Steve from Norfolk said...


I agree, And yet, we're seeing some games with the second string lineup playing. I can see trying to get the starters some rest, DeGrom in particular looks tired.But our main men need to be in there until this thing is CLINCHED!

bob gregory said...

Remember Matt Kemp?

2014 .287 avg. .346 OB% 25 HR. 89 RBI 77 RUNS

2015 .265 avg. .313 OB% 23 HR. 98 RBI 78 RUNS
Still going.....
What will next year bring?

Stubby said...

FWIW, the Dodgers and Greinke are having their own problems.

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