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Good morning,

It sure sounds like everybody needs to stop worrying about how many more games Matt Harvey will pitch and deal with the one he is pitching this week against the Washington Nationals. There was a time we were all hooping and hollering when the Mets went four games ahead of the Nats. Now, if the Mets only pull off one win in this upcoming series, the Mets would go home with a three game lead. Again, I remember a specific night that this was quite the accomplishment.

The good news is the Mets still get seven more games against Atlanta, three (at home) against MIami, four at the Red s and three at the Phillies. That's 17 games against shit teams that have no reason that to roll over.

Right now, I'd like to stay concentrated on the three game Nat series. It will not be Panic City if we only win one of these. Win two, we're back to six games ahead .

Lucas Duda will be back at 1B tonight . Jeurys Familia is fresh. And David Wright will be at 3B.

Jon NIese will be first up vs. Max Scherzer... 105pm


Tom Brennan said...

i am not particularly comforted by Jon Niese starting today. May he prove me wrong.

Yesterday's very winnable game (I will take a "pass" at criticizing Anthony Recker) hopefully will be long forgotten if we win 2 of 3. Hey, let's shock them and sweep them.

I appreciate Wilmer Flores more every day. Over .300 after June - get used to it.

Ernest Dove said...

I personally like the move of starting Wilmer at SS today even with Niese on mound. What r everyone else's thoughts?
Tejada having solid year but every AB counts today and if Wilmer can have even one extra base hit it might make difference in game. All hands on deck.

Unknown said...

Agree Mack but lets remember we just lost 2 of 3 to the fish who are missing 4 of their top players. I know I'm old school here but this "resting" of players in the heat of a pennant race is crazy. This last series was very important as is the Nat series so they should have gone with their best and if we have to rest em do it in the Braves series. By the way it's funny how the Nats worked it out to have their top three set up for this series and we start with Neise? I get real nervous when everyone's talking playoff's with 3 weeks to go we don't get ahead of ourselves. I remember in 06 when Wright and Reyes came on the field after the playoff victory smoking cigars and spraying Champagne and thinking...... whoa boys... we haven't won it all yet and of course we al know how that worked out.

Mack Ade said...

Ernest -

I too want Flores in the lineup today

Mack Ade said...

Gary -

As I have said a number of times, if you score 3 or less rusn, you leave yourself exposed for a loss.

Tom Brennan said...

Flores has 13 errors. Remember when he started the season with a bunch, due to the pressure of everyone focusing on him. He's been almost error-free for months mow. Put him at SS. Let's fight Nat starter fire with offensive fire.

Hopefully, Murphy is OK to pinch hit. All hands on deck. Get Herrera here today too - we cannot afford to be caught short.

bgreg98180 said...

Please everyone, remember going into this season it was known that the Mets young pitching staff was going to need to have their innings monitired.
Due to:
1) the Nationals under performance not allowing them to pull away from the division.

2) the over performance of the Mets team as it fielded a Line-up that included many players not suited to be major league starters and/or regulars

2) the many injuries that have occurred to Mets pitchers such as Wheeler, Montero, and the whole Gee situation has kept the organization from being able to provide rest to the young pitchers as they may have originally planned or in their plan B plans, or even plan C.

The players on this Mets team (yes, Harvey included)
Deserve every ounce of respect that Met fans and baseball fans have to give just for being at this point and this position today.
They have all given their all through many events that worked against them.
Their over performance through every ounce of their heart & soul forced the organization leaders to go against organizational plans in order to reward the players effort by making those trades at the deadline.
(Make no mistake, the front office only brought in Cespedes and the others because of the Nationals poor performance, the Mets over performing, a national media that was attacking, and open revolt by NY Met fans.)

Where the Mets stand at the top of the NL East is built on a house of cards. It is a credit to these players, ALL of them, that they have been able to reach this point despite all the obstacles that have been stacked against them (including an offense that even included sub .200 hitters in the 3rd & 4th spot of the lineup, remember that?)

Please remember how fragile the base of this house of cards is and how amazing these players are for being able to keep it standing as high as they have.

Now as fans we have to understand any stray gust of wind can send it all toppling down quickly and completely.
Don't let that destructive wind come from you.
And if it all does topple, please remember ALL of these Met players deserve your respect, not your anger or negativity.
They had to persevere through many forces they had no control of (Such as injury, the Gee fiasco, etc..) and a front office that was planning for 2016 just to be fighting for a playoff spot in September.

Metsiac said...

I agree with Mack's comments above, and I too want Flores in the lineup. But I don't see it as Wilmer OR Ruben; to me, the best lineup would have Wilmer (at 2B) AND Ruben. Nothing against Johnson, but with a GB pitcher going, I want Ruben's glove in there. Wilmer has been much better defensively at 2B than SS, and other than HR power Ruben has been as good as Kelly with the bat. Ruben is hitting .260/343; Kelly as a Met is .239/.295. Do the math.

Speaking of math, I must correct Mack's---If we win 2 of 3 in this series, our lead will be 5 games, not 6. By Wednesday night, we'll be up by 1, 3, 5 or 7.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Metsiac. With Niese on hill, I prefer Tejada at SS.

This is a choice between Johnson or Tejada; Flores gets the start in either situation.

Troubling that Duda is not ready to go today. Or that it is perceived the Murphy is unable to play 2B and TC had to choose?

James Preller

Mack Ade said...

James -

I too don't understand why Duda was activated but not started.

I like the fact that Murphy has stepped up though.

Okay... need 7 quality innings out of Niese today...

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