The Morning Report 9.28.2015 | Your 2015 NL East Champs, Postseason Rotation 1-3 Announced, Who's the #4 SP?, Papelbon Attacks Bryce Harper


Brad Kallet CBS New York- The New York Mets are your 2015 National League East champions. Yeah, read that again. And again. And again. I can’t believe it actually happened. Can you? I’m the first to admit that, at the beginning of the season, I never dreamed that New York would make the playoffs, let alone win the division. After Sandy Alderson’s trade-deadline domination — which will go down as a turning point in this franchise’s history — I started to believe, but I was far from convinced. Even with this huge lead in September, I felt trepidation. Well the Mets are back in business, and they certainly have the foundation to be a force for the next decade. Appreciate this. Enjoy this. Revel in this. Acknowledge how sweet it is.

(Chris Soto: Over the past 9 years we have suffered through the #BlameBeltran strikeout, the 2 separate epic September collapses, the Jerry Manuel management saga, the painful salary constraint era of Jason Bay and a oft-injured Johan Santana, and of course a franchise debilitating Ponzi Scheme. So yes Mets fans, ENJOY THIS WHILE WE CAN. Do not worry about next year yet, or 2018 when the young guns start getting expensive.....enjoy 2015! We're heading to the playoffs and we have a REAL chance to progress far.)

Aaron Yorke Amazin Avenue- After Sunday's game, Terry Collins got the easy part out of the way first and announced that his best three starters during the 2015 campaign would be the first three guys to start games in the 2015 postseason. Matt Harvey will be the first pitcher out of the gate, followed by Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard. Harvey was playing some of his best baseball during August before he started a bizarre controversy by saying that he might not not pitch beyond 180 innings in 2015. Fortunately that situation was put to rest quickly and Harvey is now lined up to pitch Game 1 of the NLDS on plenty of rest.

(Chris Soto: I think it was pretty obvious that Harvey, deGrom, and Syndergaard would be the 1st three pitchers out of the gate. The real question in my opinion was, What would the rotation order be? From Collins press conference it seems pretty adament that no matter what, Harvey is going to be the 1st one out there and is going to the be the guy who would be in line to make 2 starts should the series go a full 5 games. Certainly a huge change in direction from a few weeks ago when we didn't even know if Harvey would pitch during the rest of September. Even though deGrom has been better this season, I agree with the choice. deGrom may have more consistency right now, but, Harvey's best is better than deGrom best and his best is exactly what the Mets are going to need to defeat Kershaw and Grienke.)

Mike Puma New York Post- The Mets’ playoff rotation is all but set, but manager Terry Collins won’t officially complete the equation until later this week. In some order, Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard and Matt Harvey will belong to the NLDS rotation, according to Collins. Steven Matz will likely claim the fourth spot over Bartolo Colon, according to a club source. “I haven’t gone down that path yet,” Collins said. Collins also indicated he’s reluctant to use Matz in the bullpen, given the rookie has never performed in that role and spent six weeks rehabbing from a torn lat muscle. That points to Matz’s inclusion in the rotation.

(Chris Soto: I'm still torn over the choice myself. On one hand, the Dodgers best line-up, is EXTREMELY weighted towards left handed bats. However, on the other, Bartolo Colon is the only one in the rotation currently with playoff experience, and, Terry Collins already plans on using 3 playoff rookies in his rotation. Colon has made 10 playoff starts and only 1 of them has ever been poor; That was way back in 1999.)

Jon Lewin Subway SquakersFive years ago, Mets' star closer Francisco Rodriguez allegedly assaulted his girlfriend's father at the ballpark. Sunday, Nationals' star closer Jonathan Papelbon tried to attack teammate Bryce Harper in the Nationals' dugout. Harper is only the front-runner for NL MVP. Maybe it's just a coincidence that the Nationals' collapse began when they acquired Papelbon, but considering that the move also sent demoted closer Drew Storen into a tailspin culminating with Storen breaking his thumb in frustration. At least Storen did so while slamming a locker door, not trying to slam a teammate.

(Chris Soto: Boy...with football going on yesterday, I'm not sure if you readers heard or saw what happened yesterday...but it was BAD! I will just leave the video below here and let you guys watch how pitiful the Nationals situation has become.)


James Preller said...

Papelbon is an idiot.

The real disgrace is that the clueless lump of a manager then proceeded to send Papelbon out there the next inning.

Papelbon should get thrown off the team immediately and Williams fired this instant.

Not because of a minor squabble on the bench, but because 1) Papelbon just went after the team's best player and MVP of the league; it can't happen, and 2) Williams complete and utter failure to react to that situation -- a guy who felt that the tie game was bigger, at that moment, then what just happened, has completely lost his head in his own rear end.

The Nat GM has to go, too. Another guy who completely failed to act at the deadline and sat on his hands for the entire, dysfunctional season.

Heads should roll, and they should roll immediately.

James Preller said...

Starting Harvey on Game One makes zero sense. I don't believe it will be happen.

Thomas Brennan said...

James, I'd agree on Harvey not starting game 1. For me, it should be deGrom, but also to perhaps shorten Harvey by 1 start in the postseason.

Papelbon is a jerk, for sure. Stupid time, and way, to have that discussion, no matter how he feels.

I am all in on Steve Matz as the 4th playoff starter. Thor gets better by the start; he looks the way future hall of famers start their career. He is already a total handful, and he will get better.

Mack Ade said...

A lot of frustration in Washington.

Harper is a turd but an MVP turd and should never be attacked in his own dugout.

GM, manager, and closer all should be removed from team.

Reese Kaplan said...

Papelbon WAS justified for getting in Harper's face about not running out a ball, but not for shoving him and the fight that ensued. Harper is all about Harper and Harper's stats. Hey, maybe he's channeling Rickey.

Thomas Brennan said...

Harper for Duda! I'll throw in Anthony Recker but then who would be big enough to break up fights in the Mets' dugout?

Lew Rhodes said...

How about those Division Champs!!!!!!

I have read somewhere that deGROM-inant will be starting Game 1 - and frankly he has earned it.

Matz in Game 4 - Colon's occasional melt downs scare the hell out of me.

Didn't Papelbon just get suspended for beaning someone also? He is a dickhead.

Thomas Brennan said...

I googled the definition of papelbon. The urban dictionary said essentially it means bringing something completely to an end. I think Jonathan's career in DC just got "papelbon'd". He still is smarter than Jennry Mejia though.

Dallas said...

Papelbon is a thug. Plain and simple. I know I don't want to see him later this week. He is throwing at guys, choking his own guys, grabbing his crotch, talking shit about the team that paid him tens of millions of dollars (Phillies). I don't need this unstable man throwing at our hitters before the playoffs. I'll be honest, I like Harper. He even stayed pretty classy after his own teammate tried choking him. Has been classy to the Mets. Sure he has an ego but he also is passionate about the game and is just damn good.

Does anyone know how home field advantage works against the Cards/Pirates/Cubs? If one of the Wild card teams knocks off the Cardinals (assuming they keep the Central lead) do we get home field advantage because they are the WC or does the team with the better record?

Harvey actually sounded emotional on Saturday. I think thats what Mets fans wanted to see. His image took such a major major hit after that Boras stunt. He is doing well to repair it now. Whats more important to Harvey? Fame or money? He has a chance to cement himself as a legacy and franchise player if he wants to. Pitchers careers can end so quickly, he should embrace being a Met. Firing Boras would go a long way to improve his image :)

Mack Ade said...

Hey guys...

What do we write about now? :)

Gary Seagren said...

Mack the fact that we're in the playoff's and the Nats aren't as well as their about to crash and burn couldn't be better news now and for 16' and beyond .....this has to be OUR time...LETS GO METS!

Anonymous said...

I never liked Papelbon and yesterday was just an extension of his odious personality. Also not sure that a hammer should have come down on Harper to begin with. Sure he didn't sprint to 1B, but as has been pointed out, he did get down to 1B in plenty of time if the ball was dropped and would not have had any chance to get to 2B, so how hard does he have to run? Remember, this is also a player that coaches and teammates were telling him NOT to go full speed at all times so as to avoid injuries like the one he suffered running into a wall a couple of years ago. He was playing in a game the day after elimination when many stars rest and it is not as if he just walked back to the dugout, so not sure about this whole "play the game the right way" theme. He has been an all out player for most of his short career and he wasn't the one intentionally throwing at a players head for hitting a home run. Papelbon may be the least qualified player to be giving lectures on how to play the game right given his past behavior.

hard to believe, but JP wasn't the worst actor in all of this. Matt Williams sends him back out to the mound and responds to a question about JP putting his hands on Harper's throat by saying "he is our closer" twice. Then later states that he did not know what had happened and if he did, he would not have let him go back out to pitch. Positively ridiculous and in my mind, he should not be given the pass to finish the season as the manager and should be removed immediately He has been by far and away the worst manager in the league and yesterday's decision to let JP go back out there (for a well deserved Rogering) and then tell a bald face lie about not knowing what happened (two of is coaches were pulling JP off Harper) is an affront to anyone with an IQ over 50.

Anon Joe F

Dallas said...

Papelbon out for the rest of the year. We don't have to see that bum when we play the Nats. Good for them. Be very interested to see what happens with him in 2016.

Thomas Brennan said...


Michi L. said...


Read this!! Read this!! Thats exactly how Iam thinking.
I dont like Pab..but at the same time I just cant stand how Harper is playing the game regardless how good his season is

Michael S. said...

After the Mets clinched the Nats went to the bottom of my 'give a damn' list, but I'm glad he's out. The last thing we need is that unpredictable psycho throwing at our key hitters and keeping someone out of the playoffs.

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