The Morning Report 9.9.2015 | Mets Crush the Nationals Hopes, Cespedes for MVP?, How about Cespedes as a Met in 2016?


Adam Rubin ESPN New York- Even when the New York Mets trailed by six runs in the seventh inning, closer Jeurys Familia believed his services would be required. “The way we’ve been playing this year, yes,” Familia said. “I said in my mind, ‘I’m going to pitch. I’m going to save this game. We’re going to win.’ That’s the way we’re playing right now.” Highlighted by a three-run double by Yoenis Cespedes and six walks, the Mets posted six runs in the seventh inning to even the score. Kirk Nieuwenhuis then delivered a pinch-hit homer against Jonathan Papelbon an inning later, and the Mets stunned the Washington Nationals 8-7 to open a six-game division lead. “The thought in my mind was, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me,’” Collins said about what became a six-run seventh. “I’m saying, ‘We’re going to tie this thing. You’ve got to be kidding.’”

(Chris Soto: Wow...what an unbelievable game. Despite a stinker of a start by Matt Harvey, the Mets refused to lay down and instead absolutely crushed the Nationals bullpen. Not only that, but they may have also crushed the final bit of the Nationals confidence and resolve. If the team can take this 3rd and final game from the Nats and open up a 7.0 game lead, it will be absolutely massive as it will give them the ability to skip Harvey again, Syndergaard again, and possibly even deGrom. )

Jon Morosi Just a bit Outside- The National League has a number of strong Most Valuable Player candidates. Bryce Harper is viewed as the front-runner, while Joey Votto, Paul Goldschmidt, Anthony Rizzo and Nolan Arenado have the numbers to merit serious consideration. But what about Yoenis Cespedes? He's one of the top five position players in baseball this year, according to the FanGraphs.com Wins Above Replacement rankings. He's been the majors' most impactful trade deadline acquisition, amassing a 1.027 OPS with 13 home runs in 34 games with the New York Mets. For those who consider team success, he checks that box, too: When Cespedes played his first game for the Mets on Aug. 1, the team trailed the Washington Nationals by two games in the NL East. Now, the Mets have a seemingly airtight six-game lead.

(Chris Soto: Boy, you can certainly build a case for him. Cespedes has completely changed this team's offense and at times has single handedly won inportant games for the club during this incredible run. Unfortunately, since Cespedes played his 1st 100+ games in the AL, i don't think voters will come to his side. In fact, I'm not sure anyone who has been traded from the AL to to NL, or vice versa, has ever won an MVP award?)

Kenneth Teape Empire Writes Back When the New York Mets acquired Yoenis Cespedes from the Detroit Tigers at the MLB Trade deadline, there was little hope that they would be able retain the outfielder in the offseason. Cespedes had a clause in his original contract that stated he could become a free agent after four-years, not the customary six, because of the experience he had playing previously in Cuba. But, the Mets are no longer under that restriction. It was announced Tuesday by general manager Sandy Alderson that the Mets are going to be allowed to remain a bidder throughout the offseason for Cespedes’ services per an agreement between Major League Baseball and the Player Association. “It’s been signed off by all parties, including the union and Major League Baseball,” said Alderson Tuesday.

(Chris Soto: Hey this is excellent news. Even though I still think Cespedes price tag is going to approach a number that even Mets fans would be uncomfortable with, removing this clause at least gives the club a chance to play in the same sandbox as everyone else. The main reason for the clause in the first was because Cespedes did not want a qualifying offer being made to him. However since he was traded mid season, a QO can't be offered to him anyway so the clause became a moot point.)


Zozo said...

Sign him 7years $175 million and they better do it soon before it goes up to 8years $240 mil. Lol
Damn that was one of the most exciting Mets games ever. It's starting to seem more and more special of a year after every game.

Anonymous said...

That rally last night was like the standard Mets rallys of the past few years . . . PLUS the huge double by Cespedes. The patience, the walks, the grind . . . PLUS the big bat.

He's the key.

No one fits better.

The NY Mets will need to add a big bat next season or they will regress and, to an extent, repeat the first half of 2015.

I want them to make a very strong, determined run at signing this guy.

James Preller

Ernest Dove said...

Im willing to admit I turned the game off.......usually I have my stubborn daughter stay up with me till 10pm when I can watch game but the score made my initial decision easy to get her to bed quicker........
Apparently my daughter knew what was happening because she decided to knock out even before 930, allowing her daddy to look in amazement at gamecast showing 1-7 2-7 3-7 6-7............
Game right back on in time to watch Duda walk. LGM.

Thomas Brennan said...

Simple thoought on Cespedes...sign him. Other teams sign guys and then move them later on if need be. Just...sign...him...and draw 3.5 million fans a year for the next 4 years.

We...can...afford...him. The Yanks would in an instant if they had the Mets' payroll.

When can Tim Stauffer start? Matt Harvey needs a rest.

bob gregory said...

There are not enough words to express just how improved the Mets are during the 2nd half of this season from the 1st half.

It is a pleasure to watch this team play baseball.

Thomas Brennan said...

Rick Sutcliffe won Cy Young after a mid season trade. Yoenis would have to keep this up the last 23 games - but if he did, why not MVP?

Lew Rhodes said...

To Bob's point:

2015 Mets - first half - 28th in runs scored (310)

2015 Mets - second half - 1st in runs scored (271)

That's pretty freaking dramatic.

Of course, you offense will get better when it adds:


Imagine where we would be if Wright and d'Arnaud weren't hurt for most of the first half.

Mack Ade said...

Well, I too believe there should be a strong case for Cespedes as MVP. We all know he's the Mets' MVP.

And I'm very happy the Mets will now have an equal chance to bid for his services.

There is plenty of money to pay him what he is worth if you add up what is being spent on Colon, Parnell, Murphy, plus all the players signed during the signing period.

Lew Rhodes said...

As far as MVP - I will tell you who doesn't deserve it: Bryce Harper - he has been coming up small in the big games.

Here are Harper's stats in 15 games against the Mets (you know the team his team is battling for the title):

66 plate appearances, 1 HR, 2 2Bs, 4 RBIs, 5 Runs - .214/.333/.304 batting line

Quite pathetic as these represent some of the Nationals' most important games

Oh, BTW - Cespedes v. Nationals: .294/.333/.647 with 1 HR, 3 2B, 5 RBI and 4 runs in only 18 plate appearances

Steve from Norfolk said...

Here's an idea that's way out from left field. Instead of letting all of these mid-season pickups go for the payroll savings and signing different players, why don't we keep a group of players that has been road-tested and NYC-tested together? They aren't going to cost us any more than any other players of their caliber, so why go shopping? Just a wild idea.

Mack Ade said...

S.F.N. -

That's a nice idea on paper, but let's remember this is first a business and each of those player's agents has to go along with such logic.

What's the Mets are doing will translate into a huge success around the league. Part time players can take that mojo into the off season and generate full time contracts.

As for towns loving players and players loving teams... always remember Puljos in St. Louis. Didn't matter.

Anonymous said...

BTW, I'd still give Familia the Mets MVP.

He's been carrying a heavy load all season long. Can't imagine where the Mets would be without him.

Cespedes has been great. Awesome. Fabulous. But he's also benefited by coming along at nearly the same time as Conforto, d'Arnaud, Uribe, Johnson, Wright, Clippard, and now Reed.

I am thrilled with Cespedes. Thrilled. But my vote goes to Jeurys. Which is werid, because in some twisted way I could also vote for Cespedes as NL MVP -- which obviously makes no sense, except for inside my crazy heart.

James Preller

Gary Seagren said...

I totally agree we HAVE to sign YC. With the our pitching we have to have the best team on the field to support it and our window is 3 maybe 4 years. Also remember that there is a nightmare scenario that could play out here. The Nats went big for Scherzer so do you think they might want the guy who just knocked them out off the playoff's

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