The Morning Report 9.23.2015 | Mets Fans Need to Learn to Be Happy, Conforto Stuck In A Platoon, Terry Collins = Manager of the Year?, RIP Yogi Berra


Andy Martino NY Daily News- It’s a Monday in late September, the magic number is [six] now, and the only job remaining for the Mets is clinch and pour champagne on one another — and yet, people here are agitated. Again. Seriously, has there ever been a more dour march to the postseason? Collins noticed the impact after Sunday’s loss to the Yankees, when he entered a stoic room, and felt the need to remind his players that they were six games ahead of Washington, with 13 to play. “Did we not stay in first place?” the manager shouted to a silent crew. “Turn the damn music on, and let’s get ready for tomorrow.”

(Chris Soto: Here is the wonderful thing about the magic number...it goes down after every Mets win, AND, every Nationals loss. With only 11 games left to play, the Mets are still 6.5 games ahead in first place. Heaven forbid the Mets only win 3 of the next 11 games.....that means the Nationals would have to finish 10-2 over these final 2 weeks of the season....10 wins, 2 losses. That is damn near in surmountable. Let's take a chill pill folks, let the Mets keep doing what their doing in regards to resting players and rotating guys in and out to get them ABs.)

Brian Lewis New York Post- The rookie wall clearly hasn’t slowed Michael Conforto in the regular-season. But will a dearth of right-handed pitching to rake stop him in the postseason?
It’s increasingly likely the Mets will not only make the playoffs but face the Dodgers, who are capable of throwing three lefties in the NLDS, begging the question of whether there’s anything Conforto can do to break out of his platoon with Cuddyer? “I don’t think at this particular moment there’s a lot he can do to change it,” manager Terry Collins said. “Everything can change, but we’re looking at one lefty in the next seven days, maybe even the next 10 days. His opportunities are going to be pretty thin. There’s some people here whose job it is to hit left-handed pitching. … Down the road this kid will be one of them. But right now I think we’ll stick with what we’ve done.’’

(Chris Soto: Do I think Conforto CAN hit left handed pitching? Absolutely! However, IS Conforto a better hitter against lefties then the Mets other available options? At this current point in time, that answer is no. The Mets have these heavy platoon split hitting guys for a reason, to take advantage of their strengths and utilize them against what is going to be the toughest LHP the Mets will find in all of baseball. I have no quarrels with the Mets continuing to use Conforto against RHP only at this current point in time.)

Mark Herrman NewsdayWhen Terry Collins broke into professional baseball in 1971, there was no such thing as a designated hitter. There were no pitch counts or innings limits [and] Tommy John was a pitcher, not a surgery. [And yet] it all fits. The white-haired, 66-year-old Collins is the perfect guy to deal with Harvey and the rest of the Mets' stellar, young, handle-with-care rotation. He has been around long enough to let them know that this is going to work out, and that you never stop learning in this game, even after 44 years. "It's easy for us old guys to say, 'Suck it up, go out there and throw strikes, change speeds,' '' he said. "But there is a different mentality. Our players are playing good. That makes me a lot happier than anything else if we can finish this off."

(Chris Soto: I never thought I would be saying this...but Collins deserves to be in the conversation for National League Manager of the Year. I mean, I doubt he's going to beat Chicago's Joe Maddon who has done a phenomenal job as well this year, but he absolutely deserves the recognition of being in the running. This has been a really hard job this season managing thru what was a tough summer, multiple SPs on innings restrictions, and a roster that quick frankly wasn't even in the top half of the division until Sandy FINALLY provided him with some help.)


Thomas Brennan said...

I was at the game Yogi first started for the Mets, after not having played for nearly 2 years. Lined singles his first 2 at bats, amazing, made it 9 at bats and re-retired. He was special, and won 2 pennants, including 1 with the Mets in 1973. Ya Gotta Believe Yogi's in heaven and it ain't over. Thanks, Yogi.

Ernest Dove said...

I know we all want the Mets to wrap up this division during reds series but lets still enjoy Mets being in first place right now anyway.
Michael Conforto might spend next 10 years hitting 3rd or 5th and making all star teams with Mets. ....but in 2015 he's a rookie. I personally dont exactly love those opposing lefty lineups thrown out there for Mets but we need to try and have faith in coaches decisions

Mack Ade said...

"I really didn't say everything I said" - Yogi Berra

Anonymous said...


>> However, IS Conforto a better hitter against lefties then the Mets other available options? At this current point in time, that answer is no. <<


That answer is . . . we don't know. Because there's been zero interest in finding out.

You simply cannot say with any certainty -- as you said above -- that Conforto is an inferior option against lefties. There is no basis for that statement.

I wish the Mets would have taken a look at their best hitter against LHP. He'll be on the bench 80% of the time during the ALDS.

Again, maybe there are better options. But the Mets never took the measure of Conforto. It's anti-intellectual. It's keeping a good player on the bench without ever giving him an opportunity to succeed. It's becoming a robot to a platoon system.

I get it. But over the past 8 weeks, he should have gotten 5-6 starts against LHP and the Mets would be making an informed decision.

James Preller

Mack Ade said...

James -

My guess is, if the Mets clinch before the WASH series, Conforto will play against whomever they throw up at the Mets

TP said...

RIP Yogi.

Mets need this game tonight. The bats (besides Bartolo's) need to show up. Leave NY on a positive note.

Thomas Brennan said...

Yogi was flexible from years of taking yogi while practicing transcontinental meditation. Watching Ralph Miner and Yogi have a long conversation? Priceless.

Thomas Brennan said...
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