Mack’s Morning Report – 9-5-15 – Jeff McNeil, David Wright, Lucas Duda, Matt Harvey


Good morning.

Please note the following transactions involving the Binghamton Mets.
September 3:

INF Josh Rodriguez transferred from Binghamton (AA) to Las Vegas (AAA)

INF Jeff McNeil transferred from St. Lucie (High-A) to Binghamton (AA)

OF Victor Cruzado transferred from St. Lucie (High-A) to Binghamton (AA)

          Jeff McNeil may be an interesting study.

          We’ve always talked about him as either a shortstop or second baseman, but did you realize that, of the 284 games he has played in minor league baseball, the most have been played at third base?

          He’s 23 years old and just completed a season at St. Lucie where he hit .312 in 468 at bats.

          My assumption is he will start at third for Binghamton next season and could become an injury reserve for David Wright down the road real soon.

Going into Friday’s game, David Wright is hitting .324 since being activated off the DL. He has recorded multiple hits in 5 of the 8 games.

Maybe I have been wrong here. Maybe there’s at least three more good year’s left in Wright. Maybe four. The Mets world seems to have accredited the arrival of Yoedes Cespedes as being what has turned this team around, but let’s not forget what Wright has added since returning.

More importantly, he hasn’t complained once about a back that must still be causing him pain requiring endless rehabilitation.

Another important Met made news yesterday.

The Binghamton Mets announced that first baseman Lucas Duda will begin a rehab assignment tonight which could result in a return to Queens sometime late next week.

Let’s face it… Duda IS the Mets first baseman and is an animal with a bat in his hand. Put him in the same lineup with Cespedes, Wright, Travis d’Arnaud, and Curtis Granderson and you have an extremely potent middle lineup to put up for the run for the pennant.

Seems perfectly timed.

Jon Heyman http://www.cbssports.com/mlb/writer/jon-heyman/25290191/how-much-will-matt-harvey-pitch-innings-limit-debate-coming-to-a-head- wrote an interesting article on the Matt Harvey ‘how many innings are left’ issue –

Mets star right-hander Matt Harvey may be getting close to his innings limit. Or he may not be.

It's hard to know who's right here, but one thing's for sure: The Harvey innings situation is a budding controversy and source of consternation at a time nearly everything seems right in the Mets' world.

The Mets, Harvey and agent Scott Boras are going to have to figure this out before too long, but so far they can't even agree on who the disagreeing parties are. Mets GM Sandy Alderson contends he's not going to let Boras determine Harvey's innings; meanwhile, Boras says it's not him but the doctors who are making the determination to limit Harvey to 180 innings, and the doctors are the ones the Mets have no choice but to abide. If Harvey has just two starts left this year, it's hard to see how much, if any, playoff impact he might have.

          Mack – Let me put it this way…

Matt Harvey will be pitching in the Mets playoffs.

And it’s Sandy Alderson, Terry Collins, and Scott Boras’ decision on what they have to do between now and early October to have him ready for his first pitching assignment in what is shaping up as a series against either Pittsburgh or the Dodgers.

Lou asks –

Hi Mack...hope all is well with you and yours...

The latest drama with Matt Harvey is what appears to be a change in what the Mets brass thought they agreed with Boris on Harvey’s inning limit. Frankly, I'm getting tired of all the issues that Harvey has.

Harvey is an incredible pitcher but it seems there’s always a problem... the latest is the disagreement regarding innings pitched this year. I know I'll get a lot of flack with this suggestion but here goes... Why not use him as trade bait to bring back a genuine corner outfielder plus whatever else is needed for 2016 and beyond.. our pitching staff would still be good enough to win with deGrom, Matz, Wheeler (July) Syndergard & Niese... lets face it,  when the time comes and Harvey becomes a FA he's gone..let’s shed him now and get a haul in return..
What do you think...?–

          Mack – Well, I like the idea, but only if it gets the Mets multiple players that can be slotted immediately into the lineup and only if it happens once this season is over. This team is no longer in the prospect mold. It’s a legitimate playoff contender with only a couple of future holes.

           I also like it because it would end the building drama about this guy, his agnet, and his diminishing future with the Mets in the future. We all know he's bolting as soon as he can. Why not get top dollar value this off season before something else goes wrong.

          A power outfielder is obvious, but I also would want (at least) an established shortstop, a quality reliever, or an SP5 that can immediately be slotted in until Wheeler proves he’s capable of returning.

          I don’t think the Mets would have a problem with getting two quality players for Harvey. Frankly, he is one of the best pitchers in baseball. They may even be able to get a third player, possibly a future prospect.

          I have no idea who the players would be and I’ll let all of you debate that!


Tom Brennan said...

Jeff McNeil to the weight room., ad pop and become a possible major league starter.

Anyone know why Cecchini has not played since Aug 19?

Wright has done well but not last night.

O'Flaherty needs to be reduced to protecting 10 run losses.

Let's hope the Mets still have a sizeable lead when Duda gets back; we are supposed to win when Jake starts against below .500 teams.

Mack Ade said...

Morning Tom -

There was one of those moments last night... bases loaded... two outs... Wright up... but, alas... it didn't happen. Frankly, Cespedes has become Mr. Clutch on this team lately.

Maybe James is right.

Maybe we need to stop talking about 2016 and concentrate on the rest of the season.

Ernest Dove said...

Hey did somebody mention my man Jeff McNeil ;)

I agree with what Stephen G wrote last night about the silly innings situation. Its not Harvey fault hes had a lot of quick innings in his starts by using his strategy of pitching more to contact, etc......
Also, I feel like im the only idiot who wants to mention fact that pitchers throw during games. They throw in between innings. They throw bullpen sessions in between starts. They throw in offseason. They throw...........
Game pitching is more strenuous but throwing is throwing. Nobody will ever truly determine, adjust, prevent, save a pre/current/post TJS arm.

Coney Island Eric said...

Just a thought. If it's true that Harvey authorized Boras to talk with the media doesn't that imply that heavy is making some kind of statement here? What is Harvey's agenda? Shouldn't he be speaking directly for himself?

Ernest Dove said...

Long story short I've said it before I'll say it again........
Go ask the cardinals about how much they miss Pujols as they continue their annual dominance in winning baseball games and currently have best record in league.........
What ever happens happens. ....this team is being set up to win regardless for awhile.

Tom Brennan said...

Boras needs a BS limit. Does Harvey's contract have an innings limit? Then shut up, and let the Mets run the team without you running you mouth, Scotty.

Tom Brennan said...

Hey, Mack, James IS right...especially about Danny Muno :)

Mack and James, have a great day.

Michael S. said...

Get 20lbs on that wiry frame and we may have something...

Michael S. said...

Lou, great question. I asked Mack a similar one. Speaking for myself, given the depth of pitching and the young hitting talent on the way (as well as what's already here) if we could get a monster return for Harvey I trade him. Boras is a classless jerk and the relationship btw Harvey and the team is getting ruined. I'd try to exile him to a wasteland and recoup a number of talented players to help round out a roster.

Unknown said...

Look if our starting pitching doesn't get its act together real soon inning limits won't matter because they'll have the end of this season and all off season to rest. The only starter pitching well right now is Bart and he can explode at any time. I guess we'll know after the Nat series if this will become 07 and 08 all over again. As far as Harvey is concerned we should net a king's ransom considering his age and salary and the fact he won't be a free agent till 19' giving a trading team a chance to sign him long term. Mack do you know why Cecchini and Dom Smith aren't playing and as far as a deal for YC would an opt out option help get it done?

jos said...
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Anonymous said...

Don't understand the hate for Boras. A classless jerk? For what? He is protecting his interests and that of his player. Why would Bora's care about the mets and their playoff run? Harvey could easily step and be vocal here, ending this controversy.

That Adam Smith said...

Hate on Boras all you want (and there's plenty of reasons to do so) but the truth is that the kid's future (and $150mm or so) is possibly at stake here. Best case scenario, if we come out of the Nats series up 5+ games, I skip Harvey's next start, with an eye toward skipping the one after that as well, giving him one start (in the last Nats series) to tune up for the playoffs. That said, my confidence in our division lead is shrinking with every bullpen decision TC makes.

Robb said...

Boras is a great agent. doesnt mean I want to listen to his crap anymore. I dont even mind the innings limit stuff, i just think it screams of poor form. talk about it, make a plan, dont but the business out in the world. At somepoint in the near future remember the mets control harvery for the next three seasons and only two if you want to trade him realistically, the mets are going to have to give him an ultimatuim. if it were me and I had a disgrunteld asset I would make him a fair offer this offseason, say 7 years 160 or that i was going to trade him, but id work out a trade with Colorado, arizona, tampa bay, minnesota, milwakee, or basically any place outside of both eastern divisions that he most certainly doesnt want to go and be fully prepared to send him. in fact id tell him where he was going. as long as the offer is fair thats a leverage play in my book. he's going to get more then enough money, but he can spend two years in obscurity and not dating models if he wants or be quiet and stay a met.

by the way colorado, id start with Brendan rodgers, hoffman and gray, maybe substituting freeland for one of the pitchers.

Minnesota, it starts with sano.

Steve from Norfolk said...

If we're trading Harvey to Tampa Bay we start with Longoria and go from there.

Metsiac said...

If there is any valid reason to trade Harvey (I don't see one) why trade him for a player in a position we don't have open? Third Base? Corner OF? What do we do with David, Conforto, Grandy and Cuddy? Is everyone(anyone?) giving up on re-signing Cespedes?

Sure, if we could fill CF with McCutchen or Trout, that's a nice dream, but nothing more. And Sandy is NOT trading Harvey because of Boras. Ain't happenin'!

Mack is right. Forget '16 until'15 is done.

Robb said...

Harvey just said, he thinks 180 is his limit.....

im over him.

go be famous in colorado. im sure the models will flock to you there.

bgreg98180 said...

I am surprised by how many are not just pushing Harvey out the door...but also thoughts of replacing Wright in the process by who is obtained in any Harvey trade.

Robb said...


I dont want wright out. Im not even trying to replace him with Sano, who i think could play first base. but with harvey, you cant be the savour and them bitch and moan. ive been an all about next year fan for a while, but this year its real, they went for it. so im pissed. if youre hurt fine, go on the DL. i just want guys on my team who want to be there. who play hard and arent such pre madonnas. i mean he'd get his money. tell the nat fans who many post seasons stratsburgh has pitched in since. he's going to walk before they ever get a chance to see him pitch in one.

i accept my irrational thoughts today.

bgreg98180 said...

Every one needs to keep in mind that Harvey is still under a Dr.'s recovery plan.
The doctors are the experts in this situation.
Harvey needs to follow a medical experts advice

Anonymous said...

It's been handled extremely poorly, don't you think, Bob? This is the first that most of us are hearing that 180 was a hard number -- and he brings it up now?

Use those innings to hopefully help get them to the playoffs, then keep him off the postseason roster. He can watch on TV.

He's fallen quite a bit in my estimation.

The anti-Flores.

bgreg98180 said...

Yes handled poor.

But.... benefit of the doubt....

Maybe Harvey did not say anything publicly earlier because he learned from past experiences and didn't want to speak out......waiting for Mets organization to handle things?

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