Following the daily progress of all of the Mets' minor league squads, you get a good feel for "Who's Hot, Who's Not."  But sometimes guys do well but don't quite catch your attention for some reason or other, but there they are when you do in fact look, and then you appreciate and reassess them.

Two guys fit that category, just catching my attention more in recent days, Matt Oberste and Christian Montgomery.

Matt Oberste, an 11th rounder in 2013, started the season playing part time, with Michael Conforto getting all the attention through his late May promotion, and then Dominic Smith going on a tear and becoming the focus on St Lucie along with a streaking Jeff McNeil..

Matt was an OK .259 on May 30, having played in only 36 games to that point.

He then went 4-5 on May 31, and has hit .333 since that date.

Since August 1, he has hit a shade under .400, .450 on base, .520 slug.  With only 12 Ks in those 29 games. The 6'2", 220 righty may never fit into the Mets' major league plans, but he suddenly looks like a future major leaguer.

How is He doing versus his peers?  He was in the top 6 in FSL average, on base %, slugging %, and RBIs, despite not playing in 27 of St Lucie's games.

 He has my attention now.

Christian Montgomery was awful and hardly pitched prior to this year, for a variety of reasons, despite high octane velocity.

He started this year great, however, in Brooklyn, not allowing a run in 9.2 innings while fanning 18.

He got a quick promo to Savannah, where in his first several outings, spanning 8 innings, he gave up 13 runs.  Ouch!

So will the real Montgomery please stand up?  He certainly has, of late.

In his last 3 outings, eye-popping: 6.1 innings pitched, 1 hit, 15 strikeouts, that's 15 of 21 batters by the K. Wow.

Which tells me the 22 year old fireballer may have big league pen stuff by 2017.  Another INTRIGUING guy well worth watching.

There are more INTRIGUING Mets prospect tales, but I felt to highlight these 2 today.

Have a great day.


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