Mack’s Morning Report – 9-12-15 – 2016 Roster Movement – Position Players


Good morning.

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Frank asked –

          Hey Mack. I know it’s far too early to ask you this question, but I wanted to get your thoughts on where you thing some on the Mets prospects are going to start the 2016 season off with. Thanks.

          Mack – First, a general statement.

Due to the promotions of prospect pitching talent, followed by the trading of secondary prospect pitching talent for players to help in the 2015 pennant race, the current prospect picture of the New York Mets is heavily dominated with ‘bats’. This does not mean there are more bats, just less pitchers.

I see five everyday players that will either be assigned to Brooklyn or could begin the season with the full season Columbia team. They are 1B Dash Winningham, 2B/SS Luis Carpio, catcher Patrick Makieka, and outfielders Desmond Lindsay and Kevin Kaczmarski.

Age could easily become a factor whether they are assigned to either Columbia or Brooklyn. Lindsay, who finished the season with Brooklyn, played this year as an 18 year old. The others all played for Kingsport… Carpio was 17,  Winnington was 19, Makieka was 21, and Kaczmarski was 23.

Look for both Makieka and Kaczmarski to head to Columbia.

Savannah had three legitimate prospects that will move on to St. Lucie… SS Luis Guillorme (20), 3B Eudor Garcia (21), and OF Wuilmer Beccera (20).

St. Lucie had three legitimate prospects that will move on to Binghamton… 1B Dominic Smith (20), SS Amed Rosario (19), and 3B Jhoan Urena (21). In addition, 3B Jeff McNeil (23) will be back after being promoted to Binghamton in August.

Binghamton will send two prospects to Las Vegas…  2B LJ Mazzilli (24) and SS Gavin Cecchini (21).

And lastly, Las Vegas outfielders Brandon Nimmo (22) and Darrell Cecilliani (25) will probably return there because of too many outfielders in Queens, while 2B Dilson Herrera (21) will most probably be the only player to make the jump to Queens.

That’s 17 baseball players and though, calling a few of them ‘prospects’ could be a stretch, it doesn’t mean that any of them won’t become ballplayers someday at the major league level.

The important thing is it’s a pretty impressive string of young, talented players that could keep the system pipeline successful for years to come.


Thomas Brennan said...

I like your thinking, Mack. That array and plan for the top minor league bats really sums it up. Lot of talent there. One guy to add in is Milton Ramos, who had a strong finish. Either Brooklyn or Columbia for him.

David Thompson struggled in Brooklyn but he'll probably go to Columbia too. Up to him to get untrained.

Thomas Brennan said...

Untracked, not untrained. Thank you, spell check.

Ernest Dove said...

2016 should be very interesting season in minors for my boy Rosario. Im really hoping he pulls a Cecchini offensively. Due to all the damn good ss prospects in low minors they simply can't have him repeat any level even though he's only 19 right now and has the time.

Mack what do you think of LJ Mazzilli? Was he the "drug of choice" guy? I think he was a 4th rounder which is kinda high pick.

And I hope David Thompson is one of those college guys who was simply too tired from college season to dominate his first professional season.

Ernest Dove said...

I mean 'drug of abuse' guy.

Mack Ade said...

Thomas -

Regarding Ramos, I didn't know what to do with him. I always had him ranked higher than Guillorme in the past. It's quite the long list of shortstop prospect talent

Mack Ade said...

Dove -

I was surprised when the Mets drafted him that high. I never considered him prospect material out of college and I considered the pick just a nice gesture to his father.

THat being said, he's holding his own in the minors and will wind up in AAA which, once again, will become a hard place to determine if someone has talent or it's just the lack of air that they are playing with up there.

Thomas Brennan said...

Having SS prospects like Cecchini, Rosario, Guillorme, Ramos, and Carpio is a good problem to have.hopefully, each recognizes the other competitors are there and it makes them all the more determined to take nothing for granted in their efforts to improve further.

Of course, Wilmer Flores, hitting .310 after June, is looking more and more like a full time starter mainstay. Maybe they shift him to 3rd at some point, with the assumption Herrera is our 2016 2B. That would open slots for a few of those guys by late 2016, and/or perhaps McNeil (TJ?)

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