Minor League Update 9/5/15


DOWN UNDER: Mets Minor League Update 9/5/15

STAR OF THE DAY: MVP Luis Guillorme, Dilson Herrera

HONORABLE MENTION: Rainy Lara, Lucas Duda


Las Vegas (77-65)  8  - Tacoma 7

Binghamton (76-63)  3 - Altoona 2

St Lucie (68-69) 1 - Bradenton 4

Savannah (83-52)   - Greenville  TWIN BILL

- Game 1: won 4-3

- Game 2: lost 5-4

Brooklyn (33-41)  3 - Connecticut 7

Kingsport 1 - Greeneville 3: Playoffs over with game 3 loss

Now Here's the Scoop:

Las Vegas hoped to follow Dillon Gee's gem with another win. Darin Gorski (same DG initials, only I would notice) came in at 10-8. Awful, allowing 7 runs in under 2 innings.

But they rallied late to win, a huge victory. Dilson Herrera (.330) hit # 11. He went 3-3, 4 RBIs. Call him up now.

Binghamton rolled with Rainy Lara. He was really strong - 8 IP, 5 H, 2 R, 7 K - but trailed 2-0 headed bottom 8. Then Mazzilli stroked a pinch 2 run double and Vince Belnome singled in the game winner. Sewald with his 24th save. LUCAS DUDA SINGLED TWICE IN 3 AB'S.

St Lucie went with Jake Keubler, and he allowed 2 runs in 6 innings, but that was enough to drop him to 2-1. Vince Siena had 2 hits.


Savannah hoped for no rain for a change so they could start the duo of Ricky Knapp and Gaby Almonte.  Knapp won game 1, as Luis Guillorme had 3 hits, including 2 doubles (.318).

Luis G got on 4 more times in the nightcap (.321), and Almonte was set for his first SAL victory, but after a 2 K inning from Luis Mateo, Alex Palsha surrendered 2 runs to lose the game. 

Luis Guillorme is one point out of the batting title lead, and hitting .415 in 25 games since August 1. Wow. Don't misunderestimate him.

Brooklyn hoped to close out the season this weekend on an up note. Not tonight, losing 7-3. Brandon Brosher had a double and triple (.190).

Kingsport's playoff battle in the first round moved to the decisive final game, rolling out secret weapon 6-1, 1.71 Tom McIlraith. The weapon misfired although Tom took a no hitter into the 6th.

Kingsport's potent offense failed them as they fell out of the series 2 games to 1. Season over, but fine year - kudos.



Anonymous said...

It makes no sense to call up Dilson Herrera now.

The team is fighting for its life. This isn't time for wide-eyed kids to clutter up the clubhouse.

Herrera can fight for the 2B job next spring.

James Preller

Anonymous said...

I disagree about Herrera.
He can be a role player. Pinch runner. Late inning defensive player at 2nd. Herrera has been with the Mets during the season. He is smart and I think he would know his role. If it were still a 25 man roster I would agree. Unless there is something about Herrera's personality that I don't know about I would have him up. Barring injuries he would see little playing time but he would be on the bench, just in case.
Richard Jones

Thomas Brennan said...

If I were the Mets, Herrera definitely comes up. He has been terrific in AAA, and is our likely 2B next year. So what better training for the pressures of a pennant race than to be there and live thru it, even if he barely ever plays. Being there: priceless.

Thomas Brennan said...

now that the Kingsport season is over, I'd like to see at least Mazelka and Kaczmarski promoted to play in the final 2 Brooklyn (or St Lucie) games as a reward,

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