Mack’s Morning Report – 9-20-15 – Matt Reynolds, Matt Harvey, Jordan Zimmerman, Brandon Martin


Good morning.

Ernest asked -

Hey Mack I have a weekend question? Will Mets still protect Matt Reynolds and place him on 40man during off-season?

          Mack – Hey Ernest.

          I don’t think they will.

There’s a pretty serious string of SS prospects in the pipeline right now, starting with Gavin Cecchini, Amed Rosario, and Luis Guillorme. My guess is Cecchini is going to get most of the AAA bats at short and we will probably see the Mets split the middle infielders between Ruben Tejada, Wilmer Flores, and Dilson Herrera.

You know me… I’d like to see a more dynamic addition here, but I expect crazy money to be spent in the outfield, not the infield.

So, we’re not going to see much from Matt Harvey on Sunday. Estimates range in the three to four inning range

Here’s an outstanding article from ESPN the worst decisions being made by 
supposedly sane people since the Iran Nuclear Talks with the Obama dudes.

Mets fans assume that the team will make a good run at outfielder Yoenes Cespedes in the off-season and, if they can’t sign him, will go after one of the other free agent outfielders available in the market; however, I wouldn’t assume anything when it comes to the 2016 Mets.

On paper, there are three positions that could use a look see in the off season. One is a repeat of a power bat in the outfielder, the second would be an upgrade in the middle infield and the last would be a fifth starter.

Every Mets fan is lighting a candle that a combination of Rafael Montero and Zack Wheeler will round out the killer rotation; however, if Cespedes goes elsewhere, the Mets could decide to spend silly money on someone like Jordan Zimmerman and stay with an outfield combination of Curtis Granderson, Michael Conforto, Michael Cuddyer, and Juan Lagares.

(Cespedes’ recent declaration that he will seek at least a six year deal could eliminate the Mets in the race to sign him. The Mets would much rather front load a three year deal which now seems out of the package. A lot of what happens here will be based on how well he plays during the rest of September and through the playoffs)

Of course, you’d also have a rotation of, let’s say, Zimmerman, Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard, and Steven Matz.

Add Addison Reed and Jeurys Familia and you just may not need a lot of runs.

And, in the land of Bizarro baseball…

           Deadspin reports that a former First Round MLB Draft Pick was arrested on a double murder charge.

Brandon Martin, who played three years in the Tampa Bay organization after being taken by the Rays in the first round of the 2011 draft, is in custody tonight on charges of double murder.

Martin is accused of murdering his father and a security system subcontractor, as well as critically injuring his uncle in his hometown of Corona, Calif. Cops say the former pro shortstop led police on a chase before fleeing his truck, running into an occupied home, and then escaping through a second-story window into the waiting jaws of a police dog.

Martin played two seasons in rookie league and a third at low-A ball before exiting professional baseball. Martin was taken 38th overall in the 2011 draft as a supplemental pick for the loss of free agent Rafael Soriano; the Rays’ selection seven picks earlier, Mikie Mahtook, went five-for-five tonight against the Baltimore Orioles.

So lastly...

Mets – 148 games played – 14 games to be played – 7 games in first

WAS -   145 Games played – 17 games to be played – 7 games out of first – 6 away games, Atl, Mets) – 8 games home (Miami, Phillies, Makeup game with Cincy,Baltimore

LAD – 146 games played – one more win than the Mets – 9 games in 1st

I’m looking for 5 losses from the remaining 17 Nats games, preferably all before the final series against the Mets.

You may be watching the exposing of this team without a productive Yoenes Cespedes, who hasn't had a hit since he was plunked in the back with a baseball by Miami.


Ernest Dove said...

Probably not best time for Mets to be facing a lefty tonight. Which means their best lineup will not be out there............
Tough decision for terry collins tonight. Its not a must win but what if game is tied or like 1-0 Mets after 5 ...... what to do with matt Harvey?

Thomas Brennan said...

We need a 7 inning game at midnight

Thomas Brennan said...

I meant a 7 game lead minimum by midnight tonight. I am going to tomorrow's game and want to party and not fret

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