The Morning Report 9.17.2015 | Cespedes Extremely Happy in NY, The Entire Mets Offense Producing, Cecchini and Smith Assigned to Arizona Fall League.


Ken Davidoff New York Post- I asked the outfielder whether he knew about the team’s fans lobbying  for the Mets to re-sign Cespedes, who can be a free agent this offseason. “Yes, I’m aware,” Cespedes said through an interpreter, “because my driver usually tells me what’s going on.It’s been the best month I’ve had in the last four years.Because of the results that I’ve had, and because currently, I’m in the playoffs. I was very surprised with the way the fans received me. I’m very happy here. This has been the most complete team that I’ve been a part of. So I’m definitely really happy to stay here. I feel really good about being here.”

(Chris Soto: For all we know...this could be just free agency speak...but multiple outlets have been reporting that Cespedes is EXTREMELY happy here in New York. Does that mean he would cut a deal to stay with the Mets? Probably not, but the chances sure seem like they are increasing in likelihood that he would stay should the Mets make a fair market offer.)

Mike Petriello Mets.com- The Mets' month-by-month exit velocity, with Cespedes excluded, is stunning. Unsurprisingly, the offensive performance has made a considerable jump along with the batted-ball velocity. In July, when the 88.16 mph represented a season low, the Mets had a .671 OPS, the 23rd-highest mark in baseball. So far in September, that's .894, which is not only easily the best in baseball -- the second-place Orioles are at .844 -- but would be the best month in Mets history if they were able to keep it up.

(Chris Soto: Cespedes has not been the only addition post July 31st. Kelly Johnson, Juan Uribe, Michael Conforto, Travis d'Arnaud, and David Wright have all provided massive upgrades over what the Mets were trotting out there during the months of June and July when the offense was in the bottom 3rd of baseball. Having guys healthy and producing not only fuels improvement at their position, but, it also has a trickle down effect on the rest of the line-up. For example, Travis d'Arnuad is a solid #2 hitter, but with so many new solid bats in the line-up....now we have a capable #2 guy hitting in the 6 hole providing a massive amount of line-up depth.)

Adam Rubin ESPN New York- Former first-round picks Gavin Cecchini and Dominic Smith are the latest additions to the New York Mets' Arizona Fall League contingent. They will join previously announced Mickey Jannis, Jeff McNeil and Beck Wheeler with the Salt Lake Rafters. Pitchers Mike Hepple and Kyle Regnault also have been added. Cecchini,  hit .317/.377/.442 in 489 plate appearances with AA Binghamton this season. He also committed 28 errors at shortstop. Cecchini finished the season sidelined with a hip injury. Smith  hit .305/.354/.417 in 497 plate appearances with Class A St. Lucie. Smith ended the season idle with a shoulder injury. AFL play begins on Oct. 13.

(Chris Soto: The Mets usually send 1-2 big time prospects to the AFL team so it's nice to see that both Smith and Cecchini are going to get cracks in the heavy prospect laden league. Both had very strong 2015 seasons but were missing big parts in their performances despite being lauded for it. Scouting reports all agree that Cecchini is a solid defensive SS, but the 21 year old suffered a severe cause of the yips that the Mets are trying to break him out of by sending him to Arizona. The same scouts think very highly of Dominic Smith's bat and believe that he will develop solid league average power at 1B. However, in almost 300 games so far, Smith only has hit 10 HR's total.)


Tom Brennan said...

Good to see Smith and Cecchini added. After both missed large chunks of Time at season's end, had they not been selected for the AFL starting in mid-Oct, I would have been concerned.

Time for Smith to start flashing more of a home run swing in his game. If he does, he could be our starting 1B in 2017. I'm getting tired of Lucas not changing, as I touch on at 10:00 today.

Cecchini's errors slowed up later in the season. Wilmer was able to do the same. I think Gavin will be fine defensively.

Mack Ade said...

It will be interesting to see if Smith gets any outfield time while he is there

Ernest Dove said...

Hey Mack, my boy Dom Smith is not built like an outfielder ;)

He was also named the MVP of the league he just played in, plus has a gold glove caliber mitt in his hand/s. Why move a gold glove caliber first baseman away from first base?

Mack Ade said...

Ernest -

But Ernest (and I'm writing more about this on the weekend),

What if the Mets go back to the negotiation table with Duda and a long term extension is signed?

Ernest Dove said...

My man Mack,

Then Mr. Smith, just like Kevin Plawecki, will remain at their highest trade value pieces as a 1B and C while Mets put their stock into TDA and Duda. (Im still a Duda fan regardless of latest skid)....

Ernest Dove said...

Hey mack I have a weekend question?
Will Mets still protect matt reynolds and place him on 40man during off-season?

Tom Brennan said...

A question on Murphy and Duda:

Duda will get much more expensive starting in 2016. Murph is a free agent and will likewise be expensive. Would the Mets be better off keeping Murph by signing him multi-year for 1B, and trading Duda and getting good value in return for him?

Smith is coming - let's say he is ready sometime from OD 2017 to mid-year 2017 - and he will then be cheap, offsetting other guys (Cespedes, please) who will be putting strong upwards pressure on payroll. If Murphy is surplus at that point, trade him.

Unknown said...

Do NOT sign Duda long term. He's 30 in Feb. and do we really think his "prime years" are ahead of him? He runs from hot to far more cold to suit me. Let him have next year to prove what he's worth while seeing what D. Smith does in Bingo/ Vegas. We have to sign YC because no one else is even close to his talent level this off season and the drop off if he leaves is huge. We need to be locked and loaded next year to capitalize on our pitching because the rest of our division will probably NEVER be this bad again.

Tom Brennan said...

@ Gary: I agree with you, my support for Duda diminishes as time goes on. If he does not reverse that impression the rest of the season, I will 100% agree.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Gary all around. Duda is not one of those guys you have to lock up long term. That said, the right contract may make him more appealing on the trade market.

Fans generally are in a rush to "lock up" favorite players, but generally it's best to be cautious. We'll know a lot more a year from now.

Anonymous said...

BTW, I think keeping Murphy & flipping Duda is an interesting idea.

James Preller

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