The Morning Report 9.8.2015 | Niese Continuing to Make Mistakes, Cespedes Scorching HOT = Payday is Rising, Harper Calls Out Nationals Fans, More Reinforcements from AAA


Marc Carig Newsday- Jonathon Niese retreated to the dugout, where he waved his arms and muttered as he slammed his glove into the bench. "We're going to get this thing right," said Niese, who was shelled for five runs in 31/3 innings in the Mets' 8-5 victory. Niese's anger stemmed from the curveball he threw to Wilson Ramos, which came to rest above the Mets' bullpen. The grand slam shaped Niese's five-run implosion in the fourth. "I promise you guys I'm not insane because I've been making the same mistake the last three games trying to get different results," Niese said. "It's just not working."

(Chris Soto: As of right now...Johnathan Niese is not in this club's playoff rotation. Colon's improvement over the past few starts at the same time of Niese's demise has all but sealed the deal. Even if Niese does right the ship during the rest of the season, it's going to take a massive collapse by Colon to jump over him in the depth chart at this point.)

Kristie Ackert NY Daily News- Yoenis Cespedes may not be in a Mets uniform next season, but the slugger is certainly doing everything to extend his time with the team this season. “I don’t really know what they are thinking, but my plan is to go out there and have fun,” Cespedes said of possibly re-signing with the Mets. “I enjoy the team. It’s a really great team. I love the city of New York, I love the fans and what we’ve got going here is a really good thing.“I don’t really think about (the future), I just want to go out there and do my job and produce and get great numbers.”

(Chris Soto: Folks...I'll be the first one to say it....With Cespedes performance since coming over to NY, I don't think there is any way imaginable that the club is going to be able to re-sign him. If you remember back in 2004, Carlos Beltran had an unbelievable September and October for the Houston Astros. Despite hitting .267 on the season his ridiculous .417 AVG and 8 HRs in October led to a massive contract offer from the Mets that many others were willing to match. Cespedes may be looking at a $22-25M payday per year with his performances, something I'm not sure the Mets can, nor wish, to match.)

Mikah Sargent TCPalm Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper is known for his brash attitude, but on Monday he may have crossed a line — by calling out the home fans. Asked after the Nats' Monday loss to the New York Mets about the game's atmosphere, he quipped, "I mean, [the fans] left in the seventh, so that was pretty brutal." Harper isn't even the only Nats player to call out their fans recently. Closer Jonathan Papelbon said he had a "bone to pick" with fans who weren't enthusiastic during a recent extra-inning win Friday.

(Chris Soto: The frustrations continue to boil over for the Nationals. Anytime they score 5 runs with Max Scherzer on the mound....they expect to win. However, the Mets offense came out and punched the Nationals right in the gut by scoring 5 on Scherzer and another 3 on their bullpen to drop the magic number by 2 in one night. With Harvey and deGrom scheduled for the next two games...the Nationals have their backs to the wall and are going to be swinging like hell. It's the Mets job to kick them through that wall and FINISH THE JOB!)

Avery Decker Metsmerized Online- The Mets announced they have recalled infielder Dilson Herrera, catcher Johnny Monell and RHP Logan Verrett from Triple-A Las Vegas following Monday’s game. The Las Vegas 51′s season came to a close after they were eliminated from postseason play, so the timing here made sense. Verrett appeared in 10 games for the Mets in 2015, going 1-0 with a save and a 1.93 ERA. Monell hit .178 with four RBIs in 24 games earlier this season for the Mets. Herrera was with the Mets at the beginning of the 2015 season, hitting .195 with two homers and four RBIs before being sent to the minors in June.

(Chris Soto: Some more reinforcements for Terry Collins bench. Verrett may be the most important guy here as they look to continue to limit Harvey's innings. Verrett and Harvey may end up in a piggyback system like the ones used down in the Savannah and Port St. Lucie minor league teams; Harvey for 4 IP, Verrett for 3IP, then turn it over to the bullpen.)


Anonymous said...

I'm perplexed by a comment that David Wright said, about that Matt Harvey is "mad."

At whom?

James Preller

Mack Ade said...

I understand that the Mets are also considering promoting Vic Black and/or Dillon Gee

Zozo said...

Is Gee still on the 40 man? If not who do they drop to add him?
Maybe getting Black out of the thin air might help his confidence for next year a bit in scrap up duty?

Ernest Dove said...

I believe the only 40man guys not with Mets right now are akeel morris and gabe ynoa. I assume even though not here their spots are safe.
So I guess only way another guy like stauffer, gee or vic show up is most likely in place of o'Flaherty.
I wonder y akeel morris is not up. He doesn't have to actuAlly pitch if they're worried about confidence from last time.

Anonymous said...

If they want another arm, it should be Stauffer.

Black is toast, completely unreliable, and whatever happened when they sent Gee down to Vegas feels irreparable. Short-sighted, perhaps, but they gave away Gee's number. It spoke volumes.

James Preller

Thomas Brennan said...

We're in a pennant race. I'd repair the irreparable with Gee and part ways after year end.

Akeel is needed for playoffs, which should be good experience for him. I'd bring him up after that. It was unfair that they called him up from St Lucie to pitch to the Blue Jays in Toronto. Calling him up would be the right thing. Have him pitch in a game they trail big, and/or after we clinch.

Thomas Brennan said...

Sign Cespedes. The Yankees would. Go for it. Do what it takes. We'll hit for years, win for years, draw fans for years.

Anonymous said...

A lot of buzz on David Wright today, lot of feel-good pieces.

And it's nice.

I'd rather have Murphy at 3B tonight.

David has one double this season. 81 ABs. Against RHP, in 59 ABs, he has one XBH, the aforementioned double. Both homers were against LHP.

I love his heart, his soul, everything about him as a player.

But: the back.

I just hope that TC realizes that David Wright is the superstar of days gone by. If he's lost his pop, he's just a hot-hitting Ruben Tejada.

Nobody in the media wants to write this story yet, and I don't blame them. I wouldn't do it either. I just don't want to watch him start another 5 games in a row with TC continually asking him, "How ya feeling? Do you want some rest? No?"

James Preller

Christopher Soto said...


Reports are suggesting that the Mets are not going to be calling up Dillon Gee or Victor Black cause they feel neither is worth DFA'ing someone off the 40 man roster.

Both are likely to elect free agency at the end of the year.

Thomas Brennan said...

Also, I am with James on Black. He has been one of the worst relievers in the system this year.

With Verrett vs. Gee, there should be no rose colored glasses on Verrett. In his career, mostly in the minors, he has allowed 59 homers in 508 innings, the equivalent of about 59 games. So that is a homer every 9 innings against minor leaguers. Minor league teams hit homers at lower rates than the bigs, and the big leaguers are far better hitters. So who is to say He won't surrender more than his share of homers up here?

He was solid in his Met innings in 2015 so far, maybe that will continue, but Verrett gives up more homers than any real Mets prospect that I can recall.

I think Gee would be better, unless he lost velocity and was solid of late in AAA purely on savvy.

bob gregory said...

Gee most likely burnt his bridges to the Mets major league club house.

If he is not called up I believe it is more evidence that the players in the club house as well as the manager and Alderson believe he "gave up" in those last couple weeks he was a part of the major league roster.

Anonymous said...

Well, they brought up Stauffer. But TC not listening to me on Wright: Our singles hitter is batting cleanup. 3 XBH in 81 ABs.

James Preller

bob gregory said...

And again.....
Collins slides Cespedes into the 2nd spot in the lineup.
He just doesn't get it.

Michael S. said...

What's so difficult to understand that you put your best hitter in a position to drive in runs? Collins is ridiculous

Michael S. said...

Cespedes and Mets agree to waive 5-day window making it easier to re-sign him. With the way Conforto and d'Arnaud have come along we could really have a Murderer's Row in our lineup next year to go with the stellar pitching:


....A .900 OPS hitter batting SEVENTH. If Duda comes back and they're firing on all cylinders for the run this team could be tough to beat THIS season.

bob gregory said...

I really am interested in seeing how Duda produces in the middle of this lineup now.
Could be scarey.

Michael S. said...

If they're all hitting up to their abilities I can't imagine a pitcher wanting to face that heart of the order.

Gary Seagren said...

The last time we had a lineup like tonight's was.....86' or am I crazy. To think we could have this lineup on the field next year with our young pitching and Wheeler in mid season...Wow. Are you listening Freddy and Saul.

Michael S. said...

That mid-late-2000s lineup was impressive but I like this group better. It probably is the deepest since the 80s. We need to keep them together to go with the pitching. Oh, and the minor league depth too.

Michael S. said...

...not tonight though...

Thomas Brennan said...

Yes, tonight, though! Whoo hoo!

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