Casey Wentworth - I Read Somewhere Today Some outstandingly Good NY Mets News...


The team is seriously considering using a "six-man rotation."

Truly, there is hope in Mudsville, for the Mighty Casey has just not struck out!

I am bend delight if this is true. You have got to protect the young gun arms here. This is a way how to achieve that. It will not be a "cure all", but rather it may save a few arms that right now are out each season for a considerable duration of time. This is a very good step forward and the NY Mets management has built a strong arsenal with eight good young armed pitchers in order to achieve this. 

Kudos all around to them here.

The only other thing I could see is getting back in the minor league system to playing the law of averages, thus drafting what on the surface might look like too many good young arms, only to be dwindled down later to the very best few being promoted. It has worked before  exceptionally well and it most definitely can again.


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