Reese Kaplan -- Mets Make Puzzling Roster Moves

Optioning Matt Reynolds was a no-brainer.  He hardly played and underwhelmed when he did.  With Jose Reyes becoming the backup middle infielder he was extraneous.  That was an easy one.  The move was necessary to bring Yoenis Cespedes onto the roster.

Then they chose to farm out Tyler Pill for Steve Matz?  Really?  The man has a 3.75 ERA and although he's worked primarily as a starter, that's a far cry better than many other options in the pen.

Next, word comes down that T.J. Rivera leaves to make room for Seth Lugo?  Really?  Hit a HR and get banished to Las Vegas?

What about the illustrious Neil Ramirez?  Josh Smoker?  Was that really the best possible move?

Two steps forward, one step back...


Zozo said...

WTF? Are you serious? So stupid

eraff said...

TJ, HR or Not, is getting very few ab's. They added an OF Body and Pitcher Count to the 25.... they now have just 4 Infielders for 3 spots, a skinny count. It makes some sense short term. At some point, a Pitcher is going with an Infielder to be added---Ahmed.

Pill is going because they can send him without losing him...it's that simple---and they keep him ready for a call up Start as needed. Whatever talent level Ramirez has, I don't believe they're in any position to wait around for him to re-discover it. I would have cut him yesterday, and dealt with the Sport STarter Question (Pill) at another time.

Adam Smith said...

Reyes should have been DFA, with TJ staying. Cabrera needs to sit, period, and Rosario needs to be up here. Cabrera has been terrible, and what little range he had in his prime is never coming back. The good news is that after hitting .400 for an entire month, Flores has finally made the decision to keep him in the lineup so easy that even TC can't screw it up. The kid has the kind of bag you build around, and whether it's at 2B or 3B, he needs to be penciled in as a starter for 2018.

Adam Smith said...

Er, "the kind of BAT you build around". I hate this new phone.

eraff said...

I like Wilmer, but he's a limited player with a MOSTLY DH stamp on him.

If they are in Sell Phase, he's a great Sell High Candidate for Nice Prospects.

An AL team can use his RH bat, and Hide his Glove, Arm, and Legs from the harm they do.

Thomas Brennan said...

Anyone can go for the right price, including Wilmer. Still, play him daily - we might find out he is a .300 + hitter with some pop.

I certainly hope Pill, Rivera get called up again soon. Rivera got squeezed on ABs so they could allow a certain .184 hitting and smiling dude to stay. If he stays sub-.200, up to TJ to tear up AAA and fight his way back to replace the smiling one.

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