Casey Wentworth - What's at the Heart of the Problems here with this NY Mets Teams



Within the time frame of this team's General Manager, the NY Mets have gone from being a young team fully devoted to its rising younger players to a team that has the bulk majority of its starters acquired from other teams and now veteran enough to be on their own personal down slide.

If you take a moment to think about it, the NY Yankees and the NY Mets have actually traded places on their starting field players. Once old and fading the Yankees are now having fabulous success with their youngest organizationally groomed players, while the Mets have to start some of its starting eight with guys years beyond their peak and having little favorable results on the field.

Now on trading Matt Harvey...

Seriously here, if you were another team's owner, would you want him? I do not see these NY Mets getting very much back in return for Harvey even worth making this trade happen. And do take into consideration here, the above commentary. This team and organization need to get back to the way they were doing things developing their younger players, before Mr. Alderson decided to blow that all up for other team's aging veterans. Clearly what Mr. Alderson has been doing the last two seasons at least, is not working.


Viper said...

Biggest problem with the Mets has been that they never follow any given plan. They want to get younger, get younger and then play the veterans on the team even if they are not performing.

Lets not forget that the only reason the Mets are now high on Flores is because due to injuries, he finally got a chance to play regularly. Now FLores looks not only as an everyday player but a future building block. But how many wasted years did it take for the Mets to do this?

Just like Flores, Lagares should have been given a chance to showcase himself while Cespedes was hurt. But even though Granderson had been stinking up the place and will be gone after this year, the imbecile kept playing the veteran. What a surprise huh?

Tell me that if Lagares would have been playing CF the other night, would Swanson have tried to go to 2B? I think not. And if he did, the would have been thrown out. Lagares at least used to come in for defense and with the game tied in the 9th inning I guess that Collins fell asleep after his Geritol pill.

As I said before, want to reboot this team? bring up Rosario at the very least.

Adam Smith said...

The Lagares situation is criminal.

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