Mack's Morning Report - 6-11 - Jerry Blevens, Rene Rivera, Guppy Pen, The Draft


Good morning.

The construction of my 2018 Mets continue…

Let’s review.

So far, I have:

            SP: (5) – Noah Syndergaard, Jacob deGrom, Zack Wheeler, Steven Matz, Lucas Giolito

            RP (3) – Jeurys Familia, Seth Lugo, Robert Gsellman

            IF (3) – Manny Machado, Amed Rosario, Wilmer Flores

            OF (2) – Michael Conforto, Yoenes Cespedes

Before I move on to the free agency market, I want to reward two players for a job well done by either picking up their 2018 option or offering them a new contract for next season –

  RP Jerry Blevens – This is an easy decision. Blevens is being paid $5.5mil                   this season and picking up his 2018 option is a no brain decision.  

            C Rene Rivera – Is there a better backup catcher available for 2018? I think                not. And, he was paid only $1.75mil this season. Sign him up in the $3mil range.

I now have 15 players… 5 starters, 4 relievers, 3 infielders, and 2 outfielders and 1 catcher.

We'll continue with this tomorrow morning.

Guppy Pen - 

The Mets never seem to have enough good minor league relief pitchers, but there are a handful that we need to keep an eye on as the season continues.

They, and their stats through 6-9, are:

    Kyle Regnault - LHP - 28/yrs - having a great season for someone that has always been considered an AAAA pitcher: 17-G (6x Vegas, 11x B-Mets), 3-0, 0.83, 1.15, 23-K, 21.2-IP. His age will work against him. I expect him to settle into Vegas for the season.

    Tim Peterson - RHP - 26/yrs. - has a combined 2017 stat line for Las Vegas (1 game)/Binghamton of 1.80/1.00. Peterson is not overpowering (18-Ks in 20-IP), but his specialty is his control (only 5 walks). Definitely ready for Vegas, maybe Queens,

    Austin McGeorge - RHP - 22/yrs. old - McGeorge has 15 appearances between Columbia (6, 1.42) and St. Lucie (9, 1.72). He also has a combined 38-Ks in 28.1-IP, while only giving up nine walks. I expect McGeorge to remain in Florida for the remainder of the season.

    Tyler Palshor - RHP - 24/yrs. - St. Lucie: 19-G, 2.57 - Palshor got off to a choppy start this season, but he's red hot now. He's only given up one earned run in his last 10 outings (10.2-IP, 20-K) At 24, Balshor needs to be sent to Binghamton.

    Matt Kuhns - RHP - 22/yrs. - Kuhns gave up three earned runs to Hagerstown on June 2nd, but tit was the only earned runs he has given up to anyone in his last 10 outings. A certain amount of helium here after posting 6.28/1.40 last season for Kingsport. 35 strikeouts so far this season in 24.2 innings pitched.

    Matt Blackham - RHP - 24/yrs. - Having a great rebound year after sitting out the entire 2016 season. So far this year for Columbia: 15-G, 1.48, 1.19, 33-K, 24.1-IP. He needs to make up for the lost year and finish strongly in Florida.

And lastly...

Starting tomorrow, and throughout the week, we will be all over the draft and who the Mets pick. We do this each year and it is the week with the most 'hits' on the site all year.

Make sure you keep coming back multiple times a day throughout the week. I will be putting up information on every single Mets draft pick.


eraff said...

Good Clean Fun!!! How did They get Giolito?

Thomas Brennan said...

The guppy relief squad should include Luis Mateo, who has been getting it done big time for the Rumble Stallions. Striking out a lot, too, indicating the arm still has some juice.

Staff, Mack is doing Giolito for Tebow, straight up, since both are similarly sized :)

Personally, I am starting to think that Chris Flexen in 2017 might be Gsellman 2016.

How about those Mets yesterday...are we about to see a pivot similar to when they got Cespedes in 2015?

That was some grand slam yesterday....he really "golfed" it.

Humphreys and Szapucki both win in Columbia DH sweep. Like Weaver/Goodman circa 1969. Might they both be in the Mets' 2020 rotation?

Gary Seagren said...

Yes and wow easily the best day we've had this year but I needed to get confirmation that it actually happened when I got up this morning...thought it was just a dream. My other dream is that we finally call up Amed...SANDY WAKE UP PLEASE we need a real shortstop ASAP!!! Thomas your right about the Columbia duo....how can you not like a guy named Szapucki. I'm just holding my breath now till the injury report comes out and Matz name isn't on it.

Mack Ade said...

Eraff -

You must have missed my Morning Report before this (on Thursday, 6-8) where I traded for him.

Go to the right of the page, scroll down to 'Macks Mets Arcives' and click on 'Mack - Winter Is Coming'.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

Regarding the Atlanta series... forget the runs scored and the grand slam... it is always about the starting pitching...

Mack Ade said...

Gary -

Columbia has an incredible rotation right now.

I wish they were still playing here in Savannah.

Thomas Brennan said...

We need the early WBC Lugo today.

I took a poll today - my brother voted "nope" as to whether yesterday's sweep might be a jump start. The poll was not hacked by the Russians, to my knowledge.

Reese Kaplan said...

No? Then why did they start serving borscht at CitiField?

Viper said...

You forgot Smith on your IF.

3B Machado (Yankees will go after Harper) and while they are at it, steal Machado.

SS. Rosario, enough said.

2B. Flores getting the respect. Only took what? 3 years?

1B. Smith

Aside from Flores, the other 3 are great fielders while Flores is average. Too bad the Mets did not see fit to give Lagares an extended look with Cespedes out. Instead the Imbecile had to get Granderson going. He is still at the Mendoza line so it must have worked.

Thomas Brennan said...

Reese, I ran into a Russian the other day and got hit with a borscht belt.

Viper, Lagares should have played much more. Now it will be much harder to do so. That said, Grandy has been productive since April ended..

eraff said...

Mack, I saw Giolito Pitch (on TV)---I'm not a huge fan, But the scouts love him, as do you. I trust that I'm wrong.

He's one of the top Pitching Prospects in Baseball...you're thinking about "trading Granderson or Walker and add in a mid-range pitching prospect like Chris Flexen or Andrew Church."

I don't know how to ask this in a way that doesn't seem contentious.... Why in Hell would The White Sox do that!!???

Mack Ade said...

eraff -


Liolito pitched a no-hitter this year.

Extract those stats from what else he has done for the White Sox...

eraff said...

I'm actually interested in whether this is a real conversation about baseball.... I'm hoping this is STILL a place to do that.

I don't see any fun in Bullshit trade proposals....and I'm open to the idea that someone might explain why they to make up pretend, bullshit trade proposals---otherwise, explain why the Whitesox would a top rated Pitcher near the major league level for the package you suggest.

Maybe I don't understand

Mack Ade said...

eraff -

maybe you don't...

so maybe you should move on...

eraff said...

Mack..I will...I wish you well.

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