Peter Hyatt - Assistant GM on Rosario Call Up

                                    So, what's the hold up?

"He needs more time."

Is this truthful?

"He has not played enough minor league games above A"

Is this truthful as the reason for not calling him up?

"He's too young." 

Reyes was 19 when he was called up and David Wright was 21.  

Both played less games than Rosario and Michael Conforto was called up a year after leaving college. 

Listen to assistant GM Ricco's words:

Ricco said the Super 2 consideration was “not a dominant part of the equation” in assessing Rosario and determining when he may become a Met.

This tells us it is part of the equation but not the "dominant" part.  We now look to see if his words will affirm this as truthful, or weaken its assertion.  

“Throughout the game, people just assume that because it’s an easy thing to say,” he said of the Super 2 issue. 

Here he feels it necessary to respond to "people", which is likely the New York Media and explain why they say it.  He tells us that they say it because its easy to say.  This is quite an assertion given Rosario's production and the failure of Astrubel Cabrerra.  

Does he believe his own words?

“I honestly don’t think that’s the prevailing thought. We’re not sitting here saying that he should be up there. I’m being honest when I say that the evaluation is that he could use more time.”

Here we see indicators of deception within speech.  

When one feels the need to qualify any assertion with "honest", it is an indication that the person really wants to be believed because he is not always honest.  This means that habitually, he is not honest and here he could be telling the truth. 

Yet, when it is repeated, the sensitivity increases dramatically.  

Now we add on his choice of wording:  body posture. 

Speed of Transmission 

Ricco is a very intelligent man.  He likely possesses a personal dictionary of more than 30,000 words. 

When he speaks, he must go into this personal dictionary and choose which words to use, what information not to disclose, where to place each word next to each other to make sense (syntax) and which tenses to use.  

This process takes place in the brain in less than a micro second of time.  This is how deception detection is done.  

He does not pause and ask himself, "should I use the word "honestly" here?  

Body Posture

Note the difference here:

"My boss said for me to be on time."  

This is very simple communication.  

Yet another says, 

"My boss stood and told me to be on time."

The latter affirms much more authoritative communication as the body posture of the boss is given (extra words = extra effort which means increased importance) and "said" it changed to "told."  The word "said" is used more in casual conversation while "told" is authoritative and even used in one way communication. 

That Ricco used body posture is an indication  of an increase in tension in this statement. 

Analysis Conclusion:  

Rosario gets called up when the Mets feel that the Super-2 date has safely passed.  

Internal debate may have gone from mid-July to mid-June, with lots of tension (pressure, sensitivity in language) with Astrubel's poor defensive play giving way to pressure from NY media.  

Astrubel has been the beneficiary of some very generous scoring, to the point that he should have been credited with at least 3 more errors. 

Expect Rosario call up to happen sooner than later, barring unforeseen circumstances such as injury, slump or reemergence of either Cabrerra or Reyes, defensively and offensively.  


Thomas Brennan said...

Simply, in many other organizations, he'd already be up here.

Wilmer Flores killed AAA when he was young: 163 AAA games, an amazing 144 RBIs, .323, 82 extra base hits in 708 plate appearances. Even with such killer #'s, he struggled in transition. He debuted on his 22nd birthday.

My guess is they are concerned with that happening with Amed (Cabrera's performance has a clearer low threshold than Rosario, who could do great - or struggle) and if they call Amed up, it will be either 1) due to injury, 2) if they seem to be slipping out of the race, or 3) Cabrera AND Jose are struggling.

Not saying that is the right approach 0 I am betting it is theirs.

Gary Seagren said...

If it's not about super 2 then what's the holdup? You can always send him back down and if Cabrera were playing like last year this would be a moot point but with the momentum we just built up over the weekend this could be just the extra spark we need.

Thomas Brennan said...

Two comparables:

Dansby Swanson hitting .216 in 213 at bats this season - made his MLB debut last year at 22 years, 188 days.

Trea Turner - .264 with a .297 OB % this year - debuted in late 2015 at 22 years, 52 days.

Swanson and Turner last year were better at (clearly) a younger age than they are now - so it is hard to say this is a slam shut case.

If we had Ruben Tejada at SS still, I would be screaming "take a chance!" But I can see them wanting to wait and monitor him in Vegas a bit longer. I would definitely be thinking of calling him up no later than end of July, with another 40+ games under his belt.

Also, keep in mind that last year, Cecchini hit .370 from late April thru y/e last year in Vegas, but has regressed. So Amed's current strong hitting could regress a bit. Pat Mazeika was on fire with the bat earlier this year, hitting .370 on May 16 but .210 since.

Heck, even Amed has slipped: he was hitting .406 on May 2, but in 162 at bats since, a still good but not nearly as good .296. That .296 could be .216 in Queens.

Frank Anon said...

I personally don't think Rosario is going to be that much of a hitting star. I think for a SS he will eventually be pretty good but he's no offensive saviour. What he is though is a defensive saviour of sorts. Our pitchers sorely need to have someone with some range at SS and Assdribble can barely move anymore. Bring Rosario up and put him at short and move assdribble to third and hopefully some competition with Flores and Rosario will light that second half fire Assdribble often has. When he's at third, put Flores at the other infield positions, we need to keep his bat in the lineup.

Let's face it, this season is already in major jeopardy. Harvey is toast, deGrom has been trending downward the past couple years, the bullpen was already suspect but with Familia gone, Robles a disaster, Reed major regression and the rest not named Blevins flaming out this team is still in trouble unless you think Matz and Lugo are going to repeat this weekends performance all year.

Sorry i'm rambling and distracted at work. Long story short: bring up the kid and let him get some MLB experience in before he's handed the full time starting role next year :)

Gary Seagren said...

Lets not forget Reyes at 20 hit .307 in almost 300 plate appearances back in 03' and Michael Conforto sure gave us a solid rookie season 2 years ago but look all I'm saying is this club could sure use some youthful energy overall and defense at SS and again if it's too soon for the kid send him back.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Gary the team needs some youthful energy!
Nimmo also brings energy,i'd call them both up and release Reyes and trade Grandy to Toronto for some Canadian beer

Jacob Falk said...

"I honestly don’t think that’s the prevailing thought."
A statement of opinion about other's thoughts that's pretty much impossible to disprove, and offers no accountability. Also means almost nothing since he's basically offering guesswork about other people's internal thoughts.
"We’re not sitting here saying that he should be up there."
Obviously not, because you're qualifying the decision to delay his call up.
" I’m being honest when I say that the evaluation is that he could use more time.”
Yes, he "could" use more time, but that doesn't necessitate him not being ready. Overall he chooses vague words and phrasing to say virtually as little as possible because he's tiptoeing around having to say a flat out lie.

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