It is beginning to feel "late early", as Yogi Berra once said.

We do have Steve Matz (so-so last night) and Seth Lugo (great last night in AA) coming back shortly, which should bolster what has been a scary-bad Mets pitching staff.

Heading into Saturday night's game, the Mets had a 4.89 ERA, ahead (barely) of only the Phillies.

So the return of Seth and Steve can only be seen as a partial cure.  The long term losses of Thor and Jeurys have devastated this squad.  And this team.  Irreplaceable both.

Can anyone else help the Mets from the Vegas roster?

Kyle Regnault - pitching well this season, but mostly in AA and only 5 innings in Vegas.  The lefty might be helpful, but IMO needs to be tested more.

Rafael Montero - we all know him.  You never know what you'll get.  You want him?  I don't.

Eric Goeddel - has pitched better of late, but sports an 7.66 ERA. Last 10 IP, just 3 earned runs.  Still, I am not interested in seeing this rerun.  Are you?

Ben Rowan - surrendered 39 hits in 26 innings.  Does not cut the mustard, IMO.

Beck Wheeler - 7.61 ERA - doesn't work for me.

Dave Roseboom - on DL and high ERA - not the answer at this point.  Get well soon, Dave.

Kevin McGowan - possibility.  33 IP, 1.44 WHIP, 4.41 ERA.

Al Baldonado - was killing it in AA, but now AAA is killing him.  10.03 ERA in Vegas.  Not yet, Big Al.  Payback time.

Hansel Robles - pitching terribly of late.  But he finally spun a fine 2 innings against hard-hitting Reno last night.  A few more like that and he could be back in Queens soon.

Logan Taylor - decent in Vegas so far.  28 IP, 2.89, 1.32 WHIP.  The 6'4", 250 hombre might be the next guy to tap to join the big boys in Queens.

Wilfredo Boscan - too hittable. 1.64 WHIP in 40 IP. No sir.

Sean Gilmartin - the effective 2015 version has just disappeared.  Now he is ineffective. No.

Cory Burns - between AA and AAA, 21 IP, 1.79 WHIP.  No.

Answer - Logan Taylor and Kevin McGowan are "maybes", but no one is jumping out at me as a lifeline for the Mets' staff.  A few more strong outings and it likely will be Robles.  Hope that Matz and Lugo are the answers, as soon as they both return this coming week.


Thomas Brennan said...

Of course, as the picture in the article not=too-subtlely suggests, maybe the Mets skip all the AAA choices and call up PJ Conlon.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

I put up a picture of Conlon because he, and Corey Oswalt are the closest they have ready, and that is a year away.

No... some combination of deGrom, Harvey, Syndergaard (DL), Wheeler, Lugo (rehab), Pill, Gsellman, and Matz (rehab) is the 2017 rotation.

Thomas Brennan said...

Hi Mack, Lugo did great in AA last night, Matz not so well against Reno (but Reno is hitting .305, so who knows if they have better offense than a few major league teams). So help from those 2 is thankfully just days away.

It seems right now that Lugo was wise to not get TJS.

As you note, Conlon and Oswald need a year - realistically need to go thru the hell called Vegas before they are ready for the bigs.

Anonymous said...

Here we go.......FUN with numbers!

Mets are playing at a 72 win pace.

There are 107 games left in the season.

To reach 90 wins, they need to go 66-41 the rest of the way, which is a 0.617 winning percentage.

That is akin to a 100 win team across a full season.

Do any of us think that is even remotely possible?


Thomas Brennan said...

Mike, I do...but I have to go now, the men with the butterfly nets are coming for me.

Thomas Brennan said...

Dunn, the red hot Kevin Canelon, and Ty Bashlor shut out Florida tonight. Hot, and all 3 are ready for a promotion.

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