I May Be Wrong, But… Zen, Nimmo, Evans, Carson, War Room

1.      I rented the full season of a British-Italian (Britalian) made-for-TV series, called ‘ZEN’. Rent it. It’s great.

2.      I still hate the fact that the Mets used a first round pick on someone that went to high school in a state that doesn’t have baseball in their schools; however, the actual production coming out of Brandon Nimmo IS starting to impress me. What also is impressing me is the 1-2 punch of Nimmo and SS Phillip Evans who seem to be producing keys runs every game now. I don’t plan on being around in 2016, but you just might be looking here at two of the starters that year. 

3.       I asked independent NY-Penn scout Dave Gershman if SS Phillip Evans is starting to show the signs that he was worth the high pick?  Gershman said: “my thoughts on Evans. I don't think he has a position. He can hit, but he really doesn't fit anywhere as a permanent fielder and doesn't have much power. Not sure he'll make it.” 

4.      RP Harry… err… I mean, Robert Carson is showing some real life in Buffalo (5-G, 1.23, 1.23(?) that he didn’t show in Binghamton (4.79) or at any other level since 2008 in Kingsport (1.76). Interest late bloomer? Boy, wouldn’t it be great to have a power lefty coming in for the 8th?

5.      The “War Room” idea was a good one for Sunday. In fact, we’re going to keep this theme until some other site… no, lol… probably at least two other sites… copies. Email me at: macksmets@gmail.com with any weekly theme ideas for “The War Room”


Nice Batter said...

Did evans lose his smooth hands and strong arm?

Mack Ade said...

I have never seen Evans play so I have to stay out of this one. I will say that most pre-draft scouts had him in the 3rd-5th top middle fielder of the draft, but no one expected him to sign... also, no one had him projected eventually as a SS... and, no one said he's ever produce major pop...

Soto said...


Most people I know believe he'll be an average to above average fielder at 2B. his value mainly will come from his bat. He'll stick at SS for now to at least give him a chance to prove he can stick there.

Gotta believe that if he manages to stay at SS he'll provide FAR more value there than at the increasingly offensive minded 2B position.

However my opinion is that the Mets brass REALLY likes Tejeda and the strides he's making. He may get a long term deal at the end of 2013 to buy him out of his arbitration years which will force Evans to 2B.

Soto said...

Also got the opportunity to see Wheeler in Binghamton a few weekends ago and boy was I impressed.

Stadium radar was saying consistently at 94-96, Topped at 98. But as a former college player let me tell you that thing looks like a blur coming out of his hand because of his delivery. Only the quickest of bats will catch up to that thing if he's hitting the outside corner.

Soto said...

***Inside Corner

Mack Ade said...


Come back and write, son...

email me what email address you are uing this week (macksmets@gmail.com) and we'll get you back in the system

Anonymous said...

Once again another clueless post on Evans.Last I read he was leading the league in fielding percentage and making spectacular plays at SS.No power you say he is leading the team in home runs.Ask his manager what he thinks he starts every game and shows up to play hard every day!

Mack Ade said...

You might want to go back and read the original portion of this post where I said complimentary things about him.

I then pointed out I have never seen him play and I quoted FACTS from scouts.

And you consider him leading this team in home runs a big deal.

No wonder you are anonymous.

Will Kohane said...

I have to disagree with you in this, Mack. Leading this particular team in homers does have some meaning. Also, by all accounts Evans fields his position very well and has shown himself to be a leader in the infield. The stats certainly support the former point whereas there are no stats that prove eadership (except I guess the fact that the team is winning).

The criticism you posted seems contrary to the limited body of work that Mr Evans is putting on display for the Cyclones.

Will Kohane said...

FACTS, in all caps? I don't see any.

Mack Ade said...

this is what I said on THIS post: What also is impressing me is the 1-2 punch of Nimmo and SS Phillip Evans who seem to be producing keys runs every game now. I don’t plan on being around in 2016, but you just might be looking here at two of the starters that year.

Would someone please find me the criticism???

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