DOWN UNDER: Mets Minor League Results - 8-31-15


DOWN UNDER: Mets Minor League Results - 8-31-15

Only Savannah won.

STAR OF THE DAY: Casey Delgado

HONORABLE MENTION: Jonathan Johnson and Luis Mateo: Kevin Kaczmarski


Las Vegas (74-63) 5  - El Paso 6

Binghamton (73-61) 2 - Reading 6

St Lucie (66-65)  - Charlotte: Doubleheader

- Game 1 was a rain-shortened 5-2 loss.

- Game 2 was rained out.

Savannah (81-49)  - Augusta: Doubleheader

- Game 1 a walk off 2-1 win in the 11th.

- Game 2 - won 2-0 

Brooklyn (31-37) 2 - Tri City 4

Kingsport (39-28) 6 - Danville 14

Now Here's the Scoop:

Las Vegas went with 10 game winner Darin Gorski against an El Paso team that trailed them by 1.5 games. A 2 run 9th inning lead was sqandered by the pen, leading to an untimely 6-5 loss.  Reynolds and Herrera went deep.

Binghamton rolls out Steve Matz against a 21 over .500 Reading squad in his last tune up.  5.1 Ip, 1 hit....READY!  They lost late, but a big win for the Mets, as Matz is coming back strong!

St Lucie lost a rain shortened contest 5-2, and the second game was rained out.

Savannah went with the challenging duo of Knapp and Delgado.

Game 1 was a tightly pitched contest, won by Jonathan Johnson's walk off 11th inning homer. Luis Mateo fanned 4 in 2.1 shutout innings.

 Casey Delgado tossed a masterful, 7 inning 2nd game shutout, striking out 9. The Gnats scored just 4 in the twin bill in the two games but won both.

Brooklyn is 14 under since their 14-5 season start, with hitting the main culprit. Then, another loss as the team scored just 2 runs, while managing 11 hits.

Kingsport's Eric Manoah got the call. The K Mets have won 20 of their last 25. FUEGO! Anyway, tonight the pitchers got bombed, leading to a lopsided loss. Kevin Kaczmarski (.352) had a single, double and triple.

GOAT: too little hitting. Kingsport pitching.


Anonymous said...

Saw the Cyclones last night and there wasn't much there. I don't have the program in front of me, so might have some names wrong. At 2B, Vinny Siena looked athletic, carried himself well. Reyes at SS was tall and lean and moved well. Mathieu at 1B is huge: 6-7 and listed at 287 pounds. Not impressed by him. A lumpy guy. Diehl DH'd, which is never a good sign at low-A ball for an NL team. The 3B, 4th overall pick, blanking on his name, had a thick sluggish body. I kept seeing Alan Dykstra types out there. Nobody had a good BA, and nobody really hit last night.

Was most interested in seeing Lindsay Desmond, who is very young for that team. He's listed at 6-0, 200 pounds but did not look that big to me. Narrow waist, well muscled. In CF, he fielded two ground singles with runners going home and the first time pumped, double-pumped, and finally threw the ball long after the fact. The other time was better. But not an arm that was impressive. He never had to run hard, so I couldn't gauge the speed.

At the plate, he was badly overmatched in his first AB, swinging through 90 MPH fastballs. Second AB, walked. Third AB, went 2-2, took a close pitch for a ball, took a strike at knees for strike three. Fourth AB hit a little flare over 1B for a single. Never hit a ball hard. Again, he's new to this team and very young at this level. On paper, 1-3 with a walk, but in reality didn't do anything to impress.

Almonte started and I didn't see anything of interest. Slightly unusual arm slot, didn't love his delivery. A reliever came in with a crazy Italian name and was unimpressive. Then Pasha threw the 8th and it was like: WOW. A palpable difference. He threw pretty hard, had a big breaking pitch that he threw without command, and just dominated the hitters for a 1-2-3 inning with two K's. He looked like someone we'll see at Citi someday. I remember seeing Leathersich last year, very curious to watch him, and came away disappointed. This was different.

Not a scout, of course. But at these levels, you can sense the guys who have something a little extra. It connotes athleticism more than future success (though those things are often linked, but not always). Pasha was the one guy who stood out.

James Preller

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